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  • The Artist's Son Erik in his Pram
  • Viktor Rydberg
  • Portrait of a Young Woman
  • Illustration for Johan Ludvig Runeberg's The Tales of Ensign Stål
  • Laughing model with a Cloth
  • Parisian lady in a Peignoir
  • From the Park of Luxembourgh in Paris
  • Women Outside the Church at Ruokolahti
  • Summer Evening
  • Ruotsinsalmen meritaistelu, kuvitusta runoon 'Svensksund'
  • The Garden at Haikko
  • Veräjällä (Portaan kylä)
  • Boys Swimming in the Porvoo River
  • The Foreman's House at Saari Manor (Manor in Häme)
  • Duke Karl Abusing the Corpse of Klaus Fleming
  • Wilhelm von Schwerins' death
  • Pond in the Woods
  • Boys Playing at the Beach
  • Portrait of Emelie von Etter

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