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Portfolio August Macke. The complete works. (222: Charcoal, Oil, Oil On Canvas, Oil On Panel, Painting, Pastel, Pencil, Watercolour)

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  • August Macke - Woman in a Green Jacket
  • August Macke - Landscape with Cows and Camel
  • August Macke - Bathing girls with town in the backgraund
  • August Macke - The Hat Shop
  • August Macke - Promenade
  • August Macke - Seated female with a pillow
  • August Macke - Two Women and a Man on an Avenue
  • August Macke - People at the blue lake
  • August Macke - Portrait of the Artist's Wife with Hat
  • August Macke - Reclining female nude
  • August Macke - Tree in the cornfield
  • August Macke - Red House in a Park
  • August Macke - Sailing boat on the Tegernsee
  • August Macke - Inner courtyard of house in St. Germain
  • August Macke - Turkish Cafe (I)
  • August Macke - Tunis landscape with a sedentary Arabs
  • August Macke - Turkish Cafe (II)
  • August Macke - House in a Landscape
  • August Macke - Garden on Lake Thun
  • August Macke - Girl in the greenery
  • August Macke - Promenade (with Half Length of Girl in White)
  • August Macke - St. Germain near Tunis
  • August Macke - Still Life with Stag Cushion and Flowers
  • August Macke - Vegetable fields
  • August Macke - Colored composition (Hommage to Johann Sebastian Bachh)
  • August Macke - Tegernsee Landscape with Man Reading and Dog
  • August Macke - Gartentor
  • August Macke - St. Mary's with Houses and Chimney (Bonn)
All 222 Artworks from August Macke

August Macke (3 January 1887 – 26 September 1914) was one of the leading members of the German Expressionist group Der Blaue Reiter (The Blue Rider). He lived during a particularly innovative time for German art which saw the development of the main German Expressionist movements as well as the arrival of the successive avant-garde movements which were forming in the rest of Europe. Like a true artist of his time, Macke knew how to integrate into his painting the elements of the avant-garde which most interested him.

August Macke was born in Meschede, Westphalia. His father, August Friedrich Hermann Macke (1845–1904), was a building contractor and his mother, Maria Florentine, née Adolph, (1848–1922), came from a farming family in Westphalia's Sauerland region. The family lived at Brüsseler Strasse until August was 13. He then lived most of his creative life in Bonn, with the exception of a few periods spent at Lake Thun in Switzerland and various trips to Paris, Italy, Holland and Tunisia. In Paris, where he traveled for the first time in 1907, Macke saw the work of the Impressionists, and shortly after he went to Berlin and spent a few months in Lovis Corinth's studio. His style was formed within the mode of French Impressionism and Post-impressionism and later went through a Fauve period. In 1909 he married Elisabeth Gerhardt. In 1910, through his friendship with Franz Marc, Macke met Kandinsky and for a while shared the non-objective aesthetic and the mystical and symbolic interests of Der Blaue Reiter.

Macke's meeting with Robert Delaunay in Paris in 1912 was to be a sort of revelation for him. Delaunay's chromatic Cubism, which Apollinaire had called Orphism, influenced Macke's art from that point onwards. His Shops Windows can be considered a personal interpretation of Delaunay's Windows, combined with the simultaneity of images found in Italian Futurism. The exotic atmosphere of Tunisia, where Macke traveled in 1914 with Paul Klee and Louis Moilliet was fundamental for the creation of the luminist approach of his final period, during which he produced a series of works now considered masterpieces. August Macke's oeuvre can be considered as Expressionism (the movement that flourished in Germany between 1905 and 1925), and also as part of Fauvism. The paintings concentrate primarily on expressing feelings and moods rather than reproducing objective reality, usually distorting colour and form.

Macke's career was cut short by his early death at the front in Champagne in September 1914, the second month of World War I. His final painting, Farewell, depicts the mood of gloom that settled after the outbreak of war.

[Biography - August Macke - 4Ko]
August Macke (né le 3 janvier 1887 à Meschede (Rhénanie-du-Nord-Westphalie), mort le 26 septembre 1914 à Perthes-lès-Hurlus) est un peintre expressionniste allemand. Il est le fils d'August Friedrich Hermann Macke, un ingénieur des ponts et chaussées, et de Maria Florentine. Peu après la naissance d'August fils, la famille Macke s'installe à Cologn...
[Biography - August Macke - 8Ko]
August Robert Ludwig Mack e (* 3. Januar 1887 in Meschede, Hochsauerland &dagger 26. September 1914 bei Perthes-lès-Hurlus, Champagne) war einer der bekanntesten deutschen Maler des Expressionismus. Er beteiligte sich an den beiden Ausstellungen des Blauen Reiters.In rund zehn Jahren schuf Macke ein sich stilistisch rasch wandelndes Werk, das sic...
[Biography - August Macke - 10Ko]
August Macke (Meschede, 3 gennaio 1887 - Perthes-lès-Hurlus, 26 settembre 1914) è stato un pittore tedesco, uno degli esponenti principali del movimento espressionista tedesco Der Blaue Reiter (Il cavaliere blu). Macke visse durante un periodo particolarmente innovativo per l'arte tedesca che vide lo sviluppo dei principali movimenti espressionisti...
[Biography - August Macke - 4Ko]
August Macke (3 de febrero de 1887 - 26 de septiembre de 1914) fue uno de los principales miembros del grupo expresionista alemán Der Blaue Reiter (El Jinete Azul). Vivió durante un período especialmente innovador del arte alemán, con el desarrollo del Expresionismo y la llegada de los sucesivos movimientos de vanguardia que estaban apareciendo en ...
[Biography - August Macke - 4Ko]
Август Маке (3 января 1887 - 26 сентября 1914) был одним из ведущих представителей немецкого экспрессионизма группы Der Blaue Reiter (Синий всадник). Он жил в частности инновационные время для немецкого искусства, который видел развитие основных немецких экспрессионистов движений, а также приход последовательно авангардного движения, которые формир...
[Biography - August Macke - 4Ko]
Macke八月(1887年1月3日 - 1914年9月26日)是德国表现主义集团DER Blaue雷特(蓝​​骑士)的领导成员之一。他住在一个德国艺术,特别是创新的时间,看到的主要德国表现主义运动的发展,以及在欧洲其他国家形成连续前卫运动的到来。像一个真正的艺术家,他,Macke知道如何融入到他的绘画,其中大部分他感兴趣的前卫的元素。 Macke八月出生于Meschede,威斯特伐利亚。他的父亲,弗里德里希赫尔曼Macke八月(1845年至1904年),是一个建筑承包商,并在威斯特伐利亚州的赛尔兰德地区的玛丽亚佛罗伦萨,他的母亲,娘家姓阿道夫,(1848年至19​​22年),从一个农民家庭。家庭住在Brüsseler大街至八月为13。然后,他住在波恩,他的创作生活,与瑞士和各种旅行到巴黎,意...
[Biography - August Macke - 2Ko]
August Macke (03 de janeiro de 1887 - 26 Setembro 1914) foi um dos principais membros do grupo expressionista alemão Der Blaue Reiter (O Cavaleiro Azul). Ele viveu durante um tempo particularmente inovadora para a arte alemã, que viu o desenvolvimento dos principais movimentos expressionista alemão, bem como a chegada dos sucessivos movimentos de v...
[Biography - August Macke - 4Ko]
アウグストマッケ(1887年1月3日 - 1914年9月26日)は、Der Blaue Reiterは(青騎士)ドイツ表現主義グループの主要メンバーの一人。彼はメインのドイツ表現主義運動の発展だけでなく、ヨーロッパの他の部分で形成された連続的な前衛の動きの到着を見たドイツの芸術のために特に革新的な時間の間に住んでいた。彼の時間の真のアーティストと同様に、マッケは彼の絵画に彼の最も関心のある前衛的なの要素を統合する方法を知っていた。 アウグストマッケはメシェンデ、ヴェストファーレン州で生まれた。彼の父親は、8月フリードリヒヘルマンマッケ(1845-1904)は、建物の請負業者であり、彼の母、マリアフィレンツェ、旧姓アドルフ、(1848〜1922)は、ヴェストファーレンのザウアーラント地方の農家...
[Biography - August Macke - 2Ko]
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