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Gallery Bernardo Polo - The complete works - (5): Oil On Canvas)

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  • Bernardo Polo
    Still life of a sunflower and other blooms in a gilt mounted bluestone vase, together with melons, apricots, grapes and plums in a pewter dish alongside a planter with grapes on a vine branch, all on a carved marble ledge
  • Bernardo Polo
    Still life with a watermelon on a pewter dish, next to gilt mounted bluestone urn of flowers Still life with plums and figs in a gilt mounted bowl, with a gilt mounted urn of flowers to the right
  • Bernardo Polo
    Still life with a lacquered chest, a bowl of assorted fruit, a vase of flowers, and an artichoke and a pomegranate on the ledge beneath Still life with a cardoon on a shelf, with two pewter plates and a vase of flowers on display on the shelf above
  • Bernardo Polo
    Still life with a blue bowl of pomegranates and peaches, a plate of white cheese with a honeycomb and a rose, and flowers in a glass vase
  • Bernardo Polo
    Still life with flowers in a gilt mounted bluestone vase and a bowl of apples with a sprig of pears Still life with a bowl of cherries and other fruit, a glass vase of lilies to the right
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