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Portfolio Bernardo Strozzi. The complete works. (67: Oil, Oil On Canvas)

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  • Bernardo Strozzi - Sleeping Child
  • Bernardo Strozzi - St. Lawrence Distributing the Riches of the Church
  • Bernardo Strozzi - The Incredulity of Saint Thomas
  • Bernardo Strozzi - The Cook
  • Bernardo Strozzi - Allegory of Arts
  • Bernardo Strozzi - St Maurice and the Angel
  • Bernardo Strozzi - Old Coquette
  • Bernardo Strozzi - St. Peter Cures the Lame Beggar
  • Bernardo Strozzi - Lamentation over the Dead Christ
  • Bernardo Strozzi - The Release of St. Peter
  • Bernardo Strozzi - Allegory of Arts
  • Bernardo Strozzi - Saint Antony of Padua holding Baby Jesus
  • Bernardo Strozzi - Madonna and Child with the Young St John
  • Bernardo Strozzi - St Roch
  • Bernardo Strozzi - Old Woman at the Mirror
  • Bernardo Strozzi - Prophet Elijah and the Widow of Sarepta
  • Bernardo Strozzi - Joseph Telling his Dreams
  • Bernardo Strozzi - Portrait of a Knight (detail)
  • Bernardo Strozzi - The Healing of Tobit
  • Bernardo Strozzi - Portrait of a Maltese Knight
  • Bernardo Strozzi - Gamba Player
  • Bernardo Strozzi - Lute Player
  • Bernardo Strozzi - Madonna della pappa
  • Bernardo Strozzi - Portrait of Cardinal Federico Cornaro
  • Bernardo Strozzi - The Annunciation
  • Bernardo Strozzi - The Charity of St. Lawrence
  • Bernardo Strozzi - Tribute Money
  • Bernardo Strozzi - The Charity of St Lawrence
All 67 Artworks from Bernardo Strozzi

Bernardo Strozzi (c. 1581 – August 2, 1644) was a prominent and prolific Italian Baroque painter born and active mainly in Genoa, and also active in Venice
Strozzi was born in Genoa. He was probably not related to the other Strozzi family.

In 1598, at the age of 17, he joined a Capuchin monastery, a reform branch of the Franciscan order. When his father died c1608, he left the order to care for his mother, earning their living with his paintings, which were often influenced by Franciscan teachings, for example his Adoration of the Shepherds (c. 1615).[1] In 1625, he was charged with illegally practicing as a painter. When his mother died c1630, Bernardo was pressured in court by the Capuchins to re-enter the order. He was briefly imprisoned in Genoa,[2] and upon release fled to Venice to avoid confinement in a monastery in 1631. He became nicknamed all his life as il prete Genovese (the Genoa priest).

Early paintings, such as The Ecstasy of St Francis[3] show the dark emotionalism of Caravaggio. But by the second decade of the 17th century, while working in Venice, Strozzi had synthesized a personal style which fused painterly influences of the North (including Rubens and Veronese) with a monumental, realistic starkness. For example, in the painting The Incredulity of Thomas, the background is muted, yet Jesus' face, haloed and his outline, misty, in a style atypical of Caravaggio.[4] Never as dark as the Caravaggisti, Venice infused his painting with a gentler edge, a style more acceptable to the local patronage, and one derived from his precursors in Venice, Jan Lys (died 1629) and Domenico Fetti (died 1626), who had also fused the influence of Caravaggio into Venetian art. Examples of this style can be found in his Parable of the Wedding Guests (1630),[5]Christ giving keys of Heaven to Saint Peter (1630),[6] Saint Lawrence distributing Alms at San Nicolò da Tolentino,[7] and a Personification of Fame (1635-6).[8] He was also likely influenced by Velázquez (who visited Genoa in 1629-30).

After a commission to paint Claudio Monteverdi his fame grew, and his portrait paintings included many of the leading Venetians. His pupils and painter strongly influenced by him included Giovanni Andrea de Ferrari (1598–1669), Giovanni Bernardo Carbone, Valerio Castello and, Giovanni Benedetto Castiglione.

[Biography - Bernardo Strozzi - 4Ko]
Bernardo Strozz i (Gênes, 1581 - 2 août 1644) est un peintre baroque italien de l'école génoise.(Il n'est pas apparenté à la famille de marchands de Florence). Biographie à l'âge de 17 ans, il rejoint un monastère capucin, une branche de la réforme de l'ordre des franciscains. Quand son père meurt vers 1608, il abandonne l'ordre, pour s'occuper de ...
[Biography - Bernardo Strozzi - 3Ko]
Bernardo Strozz i (* 1581 in Genua &dagger 2. August 1644 in Venedig), genannt il Prete Genovese und il Cappuccino, war ein italienischer Maler des Barock. Ab 1598 war er Kapuzinermönch, ab 1610 Weltgeistlicher, ab 1630 in Venedig. Nach dem Auftrag, Claudio Monteverdi zu porträtieren, wuchs seine Bekanntheit und er machte sich einen Namen als il ...
[Biography - Bernardo Strozzi - 2Ko]
Bernardo Strozz i, detto il Cappuccino o il Prete genovese (Genova, 1581 - Venezia, 2 agosto 1644), è stato un religioso e pittore italiano del Seicento. è considerato uno dei più importanti e prolifici artisti del barocco italiano. La sua opera si è ispirata inizialmente alla scuola pittorica toscana per risentire, successivamente, delle influenze...
[Biography - Bernardo Strozzi - 6Ko]
Bernardo Strozzi (llamado Il Cappuccino, «el Capuchino» o el «Fraile genovés» Génova, h. 1581 - Venecia, 2 de agosto de 1644) fue un destacado y prolífico pintor barroco italiano, que trabajó tanto en Génova como en Venecia. Biografía Strozzi nació en Génova hacia 1581 no se sabe la fecha exacta. Probablemente no esté relacionado con la otra famil...
[Biography - Bernardo Strozzi - 5Ko]
Бернардо Строцци (ок. 1581 - 2 августа 1644) был известным и плодовитым итальянского барокко художник родился и активных в основном в Генуе, а также активно участвует в Венеции. Строцци родился в Генуе. Он был, вероятно, не связаны с другими членами семьи Строцци. В 1598 году в возрасте 17 лет, он вступил в монастырь капуцинов, реформа ветви франци...
[Biography - Bernardo Strozzi - 3Ko]
贝尔纳多Strozzi(公元前1581 - 1644年8月2日)是一个突出的和多产的意大利巴洛克画家主要集中在热那亚出生和积极,也活跃在威尼斯。 Strozzi出生在热那亚。 他可能是不相关的其他Strozzi家庭。 在1598年,17岁,他加入了一个嘉布遣会修道院,济秩序的改革分支。 c1608,当他的父亲去世,他离开为了照顾他的母亲,与他的画,这往往是由方济会的教义的影响,例如他的牧羊人的崇拜(公元前1615年)。[1] 1625年,赚取他们的生活, 他被指控与非法执业作为一个画家。 c1630当他的母亲去世,贝尔纳多是压力的卷尾猴在法庭上重新输入订单。 他简要地被关押在热那亚,[2],并呼吁释放逃到威尼斯修道院,以避免囚禁于1631年。 他成为IL prete热那亚(热那亚牧师)绰号为...
[Biography - Bernardo Strozzi - 5Ko]
Bernardo Strozzi (c. 1581 - 02 de agosto de 1644) foi um proeminente e prolífico pintor barroco italiano nascido e ativa, principalmente em Gênova, e também ativa em Veneza. Strozzi nasceu em Génova. Ele provavelmente não estava relacionado com a família Strozzi outros. Em 1598, com a idade de 17 anos, ele se juntou a um convento dos capuchinhos, u...
[Biography - Bernardo Strozzi - 4Ko]
ベルナルドストロッツィ(紀元前1581年 - 1644年8月2日)は、主にジェノヴァで生まれ、積極的著名なと多作のイタリアのバロック画家であり、ヴェネツィアにも積極的。ストロッツィは、ジェノバで生まれました。彼はおそらく他のストロッツィの家族に関連していなかった。 1598年、17歳で、彼はカプチン会修道院、フランシスコための改革の支店に入社。父親がc1608を死んだとき、彼は、多くの場合、例えば羊飼いの彼の礼拝(C. 1615)。[1] 1625年、フランシスコ会の教えに影響された彼の絵画、と彼らの生計を、彼の母親の世話をするために左彼は、不法に画家としての練習で起訴された。彼の母親はc1630を死んだときに、ベルナルドは、順序を再入力するCapuchinsで裁判所に圧力をかけていた。彼は...
[Biography - Bernardo Strozzi - 2Ko]
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