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Portfolio Edwin Lord Weeks. The complete works. (173: Oil, Oil On Canvas)

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  • Edwin Lord Weeks - An Indian Hunting Party
  • Edwin Lord Weeks - the temple and tank of walkeshwar at bombay
  • Edwin Lord Weeks - Interior of the Mosque at Cordova
  • Edwin Lord Weeks - Gate of the Fortress at Agra, India
  • Edwin Lord Weeks - The Golden Temple, Amritsar
  • Edwin Lord Weeks - Blue-Tiled Mosque At Delhi, India
  • Edwin Lord Weeks - Moorish Girl Lying On A Couch--Rabat, Morocco
  • Edwin Lord Weeks - street scene in india
  • Edwin Lord Weeks - Market Square in Front of the Sacristy and Doorway of the Cathedral, Granada
  • Edwin Lord Weeks - Sketch - Two Nautch Girls
  • Edwin Lord Weeks - Indian Prince, Palace of Agra
  • Edwin Lord Weeks - Street Scene in India
  • Edwin Lord Weeks - A Street Market Scene, India
  • Edwin Lord Weeks - indian prince palace of agra
  • Edwin Lord Weeks - Street Scene, Bombay
  • Edwin Lord Weeks - Girl in a Moorish Courtyard
  • Edwin Lord Weeks - Street Scene in India
  • Edwin Lord Weeks - Arrival Of Prince Humbert, The Rajah, At The Palace Of Amber
  • Edwin Lord Weeks - Two Arabs Reading
  • Edwin Lord Weeks - Old Blue-Tiled Mosque, Outside of Delhi, India
  • Edwin Lord Weeks - street scene bombay
  • Edwin Lord Weeks - Village in Atlas Mountains, Morocco
  • Edwin Lord Weeks - Palace and Lake at Sarket-Ahmedabad, India
  • Edwin Lord Weeks - Market Square in Front of the Sacristy and Doorway of the Cathedral Granada
  • Edwin Lord Weeks - The Hour of Prayer at the Pearl Mosque, Agra (figure study)
  • Edwin Lord Weeks - moorish girl lying on a couch
All 173 Artworks from Edwin Lord Weeks

Edwin Lord Weeks (1849 – 1903), American artist, was born at Boston, Massachusetts, in 1849.

He was a pupil of Léon Bonnat and of Jean-Léon Gérôme, at Paris. He made many voyages to the East, and was distinguished as a painter of oriental scenes.Weeks' parents were affluent spice and tea merchants from Newton, a suburb of Boston and as such they were able to accept, probably encourage, and certainly finance their son's youthful interest in painting and travelling. As a young man Edwin Lord Weeks visited the Florida Keys to draw and also travelled to Surinam in South America. His earliest known paintings date from 1867 when Edwin Lord Weeks was eighteen years old, although it is not until his Landscape with Blue Heron, dated 1871 and painted in the Everglades, that Edwin Lord Weeks started to exhibit a dexterity of technique and eye for composition - presumably having taken professional tuition.

In 1895 he wrote and illustrated a book of travels, From the Black Sea through Persia and India, and two years later he published Episodes of Mountaineering. He died in November 1903. He was a member of the Légion d'honneur, France, an officer of the Order of St. Michael, Germany, and a member of the Secession, Munich.

[Biography - Edwin Lord Weeks - 3Ko]
. Edwin Lord Weeks (1849 - 1903), fue un ilustrador y pintor norteamericano nacido en Boston, Massachussets (Estados Unidos) en el año 1849. Fue alumno de Léon Bonnat y de Jean-Léon Gérôme en París. Gracias a los numerosos viajes que realizó al continente asiático, llegó a ser un distinguido pintor de escenas orientales. En 1895 escribió e ilustró ...
[Biography - Edwin Lord Weeks - 2Ko]
Эдвин Лорд недели (1849 - 1903), американский художник, родился в Бостоне, штат Массачусетс, в 1849 году. Он был учеником Леона Бонна и Жан-Леон Жером, в Париже. Он сделал много путешествий на Восток, и отличался как художник родителей восточные scenes.Weeks были богатые специи и чай купцы из Ньютона, пригороде Бостона и в этом качестве они были в ...
[Biography - Edwin Lord Weeks - 2Ko]
埃德温主周(1849年 - 1903年),美国艺术家,出生于马萨诸塞州波士顿,于1849年。 他是一个学生,莱昂Bonnat和让 - 莱昂杰罗姆在巴黎。他提出了许多航行到东方,作为一个画家的“东方scenes.Weeks父母杰出富裕的香料和茶商从牛顿,波士顿郊区,因此他们能够接受,可能是鼓励,并肯定资助其儿子的年轻的兴趣在绘画和旅行。作为一个年轻人,埃德温主周参观了佛罗里达群岛的绘制,还前往在南美苏里南。他已知最早的画日期从1867年时,埃德温主周18岁,虽然它不是直到他与蓝鹭日期为1871年和涂在湿地,景观,即埃德温主周开始表现出的技术和眼组成的灵巧 - 大概是采取专业学费。 1895年,他写了说明从黑海的旅行书,通过波斯和印度,两年后,他出版的登山情节。他死于1903年十一月。他是一个军...
[Biography - Edwin Lord Weeks - 2Ko]
Semanas Edwin Senhor (1849 - 1903), artista norte-americano, nasceu em Boston, Massachusetts, em 1849. Ele era um aluno de Léon Bonnat e Jean-Léon Gérôme, em Paris. Ele fez muitas viagens ao Oriente, e foi distinguido como um pintor de pais scenes.Weeks oriental 'spice foram ricos e comerciantes de chá de Newton, um subúrbio de Boston e, como tal, ...
[Biography - Edwin Lord Weeks - 2Ko]
エドウィンロードウィーク(1849年〜1903年)、アメリカのアーティストは、1849年にボストン、マサチューセッツ州、で生まれた。 彼はパリで、レオンボナのとジャン=レオンジェロームの弟子だった。彼は東アジアに多くの航海を行い、東洋scenes.Weeks"親の画家のように区別されたニュートンから豊かなスパイスと紅茶の商人、ボストンの郊外だったとのような彼らは、受け入れおそらく奨励することができた、と確かにそれらの資金を調達絵画と旅行に息子の若々しい関心。若い男としてエドウィンロードウィーク描画するフロリダキーズを訪れ、また南米ではスリナムへ旅行。 1867年から彼の最古の絵の日付は、1871年の日付とエバーグレーズに塗られたブルーヘロン、と彼の風景までではないが、エドウィンロードウィーク...
[Biography - Edwin Lord Weeks - 2Ko]
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