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Portfolio Franz Marc. The complete works. (429: Chalk, Drawing, Engraving, Frescoes, Grisaille, Lithography, Oil, Oil On Canvas, Oil On Panel, Painting, Pencil, Tempera, Watercolour, Wood)

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  • Franz Marc - The Large Blue Horses
  • Franz Marc - Tyrol
  • Franz Marc - Grazing Horses IV (also known as The Red Horses)
  • Franz Marc - Tiger
  • Franz Marc - Deer in a Monastery Garden
  • Franz Marc - Fighting Forms
  • Franz Marc - The Little Blue Horse 1
  • Franz Marc - Horse in a Landscape (Pferd in Landschaft)
  • Franz Marc - Cats
  • Franz Marc - Stables
  • Franz Marc - Two cats
  • Franz Marc - The Little Yellow Horses
  • Franz Marc - Dog Lying in the Snow
  • Franz Marc - Three Cats
  • Franz Marc - Large Lenggries Horse Painting
  • Franz Marc - Cottages on the Dachau Marsh
  • Franz Marc - The Little Blue Horses
  • Franz Marc - Weasels Playing
  • Franz Marc - Deer in the Forest
  • Franz Marc - Foxes (also known as Four Foxes)
  • Franz Marc - Playing Forms
  • Franz Marc - Animals in Landscape (aka Painting with Bulls)
  • Franz Marc - Landscape with House and Two Cows (also known as Landscape with House, Dog and Cattle)
  • Franz Marc - Deer at Dusk
  • Franz Marc - Deer in the Snow
  • Franz Marc - Two Cats, Blue and Yellow
  • Franz Marc - Long Yellow Horse
  • Franz Marc - Cats on a Red Cloth
  • Franz Marc - Nude with Cat
  • Franz Marc - The Waterfall
All 429 Artworks from Franz Marc

Franz Marc (February 8, 1880 – March 4, 1916) was a German painter and printmaker, one of the key figures of the German Expressionist movement. He was a founding member of Der Blaue Reiter (The Blue Rider), a journal whose name later became synonymous with the circle of artists collaborating in it.

Franz Marc was born in 1880, in Munich, Kingdom of Bavaria. His father, Wilhelm, was a professional landscape painter, and his mother Sophie was a strict Calvinist. In 1900, Marc began to study at the Academy of Fine Arts, Munich, where his teachers would include Gabriel von Hackl and Wilhelm von Diez. In 1903 and 1907 he spent time in France, particularly in Paris, visiting the city's museums and copying many paintings, a traditional way that artists studied and developed technique. In Paris, Marc frequented artistic circles, and was able to meet numerous artists, including the actress Sarah Bernhardt. He discovered a strong affinity for the work of Vincent van Gogh.

During his 20s, Marc was involved in a number of stormy relationships, including a years-long affair with Annette von Eckardt, a married antique dealer who was nine years his elder. He married twice, first to Marie Schnuer, then to Maria Franck.

In 1906, Marc traveled with his brother, a Byzantine expert, to Saloniki, Mount Athos, and various other Greek locations. A few years later in 1910, Marc developed an important friendship with the artist August Macke.
In 1911 Marc founded the Der Blaue Reiter journal, which became the center of an artist circle with Macke, Wassily Kandinsky, and others who decided to split off from the Neue Künstlervereinigung (New ) movement.
Marc showed several of his works in the first Der Blaue Reiter exhibition at the Thannhauser Galleries in Munich between December 1911 and January 1912. The apex of the German expressionist movement, the exhibit also showed in Berlin, Köln, Hagen, and Frankfurt. In 1912, Marc met Robert Delaunay, whose use of color and futurist method was a major influence on Marc's work. Fascinated by futurism and cubism, Marc created art increasingly stark and abstract in nature.

After mobilization of the German Army during World War I, the government identified notable artists to be withdrawn from combat to protect them. Marc was on the list, but before orders for reassignment could reach him, he was struck in the head and killed instantly in 1916 by a shell splinter during the Battle of Verdun.

Marc made some sixty prints, in woodcut and lithography. Most of his mature work portrays animals, usually in natural settings. His work is characterized by bright primary color, an almost cubist portrayal of animals, stark simplicity and a profound sense of emotion. His work attracted notice in influential circles even in his own time. Marc gave an emotional meaning or purpose to the colors he used in his work: blue was used for masculinity and spirituality, yellow represented feminine joy, and red encased the sound of violence. After the National Socialists took power, they suppressed modern art; in 1936 and 1937, the Nazis condemned Marc as an entarteter Künstler' (degenerate artist), and ordered that approximately 130 of his works be taken from exhibit in German museums.

Franz Marc's best-known painting is probably Tierschicksale (also known as Animal Destinies or Fate of the Animals), which hangs in the Kunstmuseum Basel. Marc completed the work in 1913, when "the tension of impending cataclysm had pervaded society", as one art historian noted.

On the rear of the canvas, Marc wrote, "Und Alles Sein ist flammend Leid" ("And all being is flaming agony").

Conscripted during World War I, Marc wrote to his wife of the painting, it "is like a premonition of this war--horrible and shattering. I can hardly conceive that I painted it.

[Biography - Franz Marc - 5Ko]
Franz Mar c Né le 8 février 1880 à Munich. Mort le 4 mars 1916 à Braquis près de Verdun est l'un des principaux représentants de l'expressionnisme allemand. Peintre animalier, graveur, pastelliste, aquarelliste, lithographe, écrivain il fait partie du groupe Der Blaue Reiter. Franz Moritz Wilhelm naît le 8 février 1880 à Munich, d’un père peintre ...
[Biography - Franz Marc - 6Ko]
Franz Moritz Wilhelm Mar c (* 8. Februar 1880 in München &dagger 4. März 1916 bei Verdun, Frankreich) war ein deutscher Maler und neben Wassily Kandinsky Mitbegründer der Redaktionsgemeinschaft &bdquo Der Blaue Reiter“. Er gilt als einer der bedeutendsten Maler des Expressionismus in Deutschland. Franz Marc wurde 1880 als zweiter Sohn der Familie...
[Biography - Franz Marc - 13Ko]
ranz Marc (Monaco di Baviera, 8 febbraio 1880 - Verdun, 4 marzo 1916) è stato un pittore tedesco, tra i fondatori del movimento "der Blaue Reiter".è considerato uno dei pittori più rappresentativi del XX secolo e uno dei più rilevanti rappresentanti dell'espressionismo tedesco. Biografia Marc nacque dal pittore Wilhelm Marc e da sua moglie Sophie M...
[Biography - Franz Marc - 5Ko]
Franz Marc (Múnich, 8 de febrero de 1880 - Braquis, cerca de Verdún, 4 de marzo de 1916), pintor alemán. Fue uno de los principales representantes del movimiento expresionista alemán. Comenzó sus estudios en 1900, en la Academia de Bellas Artes de Múnich. Sus primeras creaciones fueron de estilo naturalista, pero en su viaje a París en 1903 descubr...
[Biography - Franz Marc - 3Ko]
Франц Марк (8 февраля 1880 - 4 марта 1916) был немецкий живописец и гравер, один из ключевых фигур немецкого экспрессионизма движения. Он был одним из основателей Der Blaue Reiter (Синий всадник), журнала, имя которого впоследствии стал синонимом круг художников, сотрудничающих в этом. Франц Марк родился в 1880 году, в Мюнхене, Королевства Бавария....
[Biography - Franz Marc - 5Ko]
马尔克(1880年2月8日 - 1916年3月4日)是德国画家和版画家,德国表现主义运动的关键人物之一。他是一个明镜Blaue雷特(蓝​​骑士),杂志的名字后来成为与艺术家合作,在它的圆的代名词的创始成员。 马尔克出生于1880年,在慕尼黑,巴伐利亚王国。他的父亲,威廉,是一个专业的风景画家,和他的母亲梁刘柔芬是一个严格的加尔文主义。 1900年,马克开始学习美术,慕尼黑,其中包括他的老师冯Hackl加布里埃尔和威廉冯迭学院。在1903年和1907年,他花时间在法国,尤其是在巴黎,参观这个城市的博物馆和复制许多绘画,传统的方法,技术研究和开发的艺术家。在巴黎,马克常去艺术界,并能满足众多艺术家,其中包括女演员Sarah Bernhardt。他发现了一个很强的亲和力文森特凡高的工作。 在他20...
[Biography - Franz Marc - 3Ko]
Franz Marc (08 de fevereiro de 1880 - 4 de março de 1916) foi um pintor e gravurista alemão, uma das figuras-chave do movimento expressionista alemão. Ele era um membro fundador do Der Blaue Reiter (O Cavaleiro Azul), um jornal cujo nome mais tarde tornou-se sinónimo com o círculo de artistas colaborar nela. Franz Marc nasceu em 1880, em Munique, R...
[Biography - Franz Marc - 6Ko]
フランツマルク(1880年2月8日 - 1916年3月4日)は、ドイツ表現主義運動の主要な人物の一人のドイツの画家と版画家だった。彼は、Der Blaue Reiterは(青騎士)、名前は後でそれに協力する芸術家のサークルの代名詞ともいえるジャーナルの創設メンバーだった。 フランツマルクは、バイエルン王国、ミュンヘンでは、1880年に生まれました。彼の父、ウィルヘルムは、専門の風景画家であり、彼の母ソフィーは、厳格なカルビン派でした。 1900年、マルクは彼の教師がガブリエルフォンHacklおよびウィルヘルムフォンディエを含んでいるでしょう芸術アカデミー、ミュンヘン、で勉強し始めた。 1903年から1907年に彼はその研究と開発されたアーティストは、テクニック、市内の博物館を訪問し、多くの絵...
[Biography - Franz Marc - 3Ko]
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