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Portfolio Gustave Moreau. The complete works. (332: Drawing, Gouache, Graphite, Lithography, Oil, Oil On Canvas, Oil On Panel, Watercolour)

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  • Gustave Moreau - Salome Dancing before Herod
  • Gustave Moreau - The Daughters of Thespius
  • Gustave Moreau - Dead poet borne by centaur
  • Gustave Moreau - Voices of Evening
  • Gustave Moreau - Hesiod and the Muse
  • Gustave Moreau - Pieta
  • Gustave Moreau - The Triumph of Alexander the Great
  • Gustave Moreau - Dalila
  • Gustave Moreau - Song of songs
  • Gustave Moreau - The Chimera
  • Gustave Moreau - Hercules at Lake Stymphalos
  • Gustave Moreau - Jason
  • Gustave Moreau - Giotto
  • Gustave Moreau - Saint George
  • Gustave Moreau - Saint Martin
  • Gustave Moreau - St. Sebastian and the Angel
  • Gustave Moreau - Europa and the Bull
  • Gustave Moreau - Jupiter and Semele
  • Gustave Moreau - Prince Hamlet kill King Claudius
  • Gustave Moreau - Salome Carrying the Head of John the Baptist on a Platter
  • Gustave Moreau - Thracian Girl Carrying the Head of Orpheus
  • Gustave Moreau - St. Cecilia (The Angels Announcing her Coming Martyrdom)
  • Gustave Moreau - The Chimera
  • Gustave Moreau - The Pierides
  • Gustave Moreau - Saint Sebastian being Tended by Saintly Women
  • Gustave Moreau - The Apparition
  • Gustave Moreau - The Triumph of Alexander the Great
  • Gustave Moreau - Salome in Prison
  • Gustave Moreau - Salom Dancing before Herod
All 332 Artworks from Gustave Moreau

Gustave Moreau (6 April 1826 – 18 April 1898) was a French Symbolist painter whose main focus was the illustration of biblical and mythological figures. As a painter of literary ideas rather than visual images, Moreau appealed to the imaginations of some Symbolist writers and artists, who saw him as a precursor to their movement.


Moreau was born in Paris. His father, Louis Jean Marie Moreau, was an architect, who recognized his talent. His mother was Adele Pauline des Moutiers. Moreau studied under François-Édouard Picot and became a friend of Théodore Chassériau, whose work strongly influenced his own. Moreau carried on a deeply personal 25-year relationship, possibly romantic, with Adelaide-Alexandrine Dureux, a woman whom he drew several times. His first painting was a Pietà which is now located in the cathedral at Angoulême. He showed A Scene from the Song of Songs and The Death of Darius in the Salon of 1853. In 1853 he contributed Athenians with the Minotaur and Moses Putting Off his Sandals within Sight of the Promised Land to the Great Exhibition.

Oedipus and the Sphinx, one of his first symbolist paintings, was exhibited at the Salon of 1864. Over his lifetime, he produced over 8,000 paintings, watercolors and drawings, many of which are on display in Paris' Musée national Gustave Moreau at 14, rue de la Rochefoucauld (IXe arrondissement). The museum is in his former workshop, and was opened to the public in 1903. André Breton famously used to "haunt" the museum and regarded Moreau as a precursor to Surrealism.

He had become a professor at Paris' École des Beaux-Arts in 1891 and counted among his many students the fauvist painters, Henri Matisse and Georges Rouault.

Moreau died in Paris and was buried there in the Cimetière de Montmartre.

[Biography - Gustave Moreau - 3Ko]
Gustave Moreau, né le 6 avril 1826 à Paris et mort le 18 avril 1898 à Paris, est un peintre, graveur et dessinateur français, représentatif du courant symboliste imprégné de mysticisme. Biographie élu à l'Académie des Beaux-Arts en 1888, Gustave Moreau est nommé professeur en 1892, et compte parmi ses élèves Adolphe Beaufrère, Henri Matisse, Raoul ...
[Biography - Gustave Moreau - 3Ko]
Gustave Moreau (* 6. April 1826 in Paris † 18. April 1898 in Paris) war ein französischer Maler und Zeichner des Symbolismus. Moreau war ab 1846 Schüler von Théodore Chassériau an der École royale des Beaux-Arts in Paris. Seine Gemälde, Aquarelle und Zeichnungen stellen vor allem biblische, mythische und phantastische Szenen dar. Er übte großen Ei...
[Biography - Gustave Moreau - 3Ko]
Gustave Moreau (Parigi, 6 aprile 1826 – Parigi, 18 aprile 1898) è stato un pittore francese. Fu il caposcuola del Simbolismo nonché precursore di Decadentismo e Surrealismo. Gustave Moreau nacque nel 6 Aprile 1826 a Parigi da Louis Moreau e Pauline Desmontiers. Il primo, architetto di influenze neoclassiche, offrì al giovane figlio un'ampia bibliot...
[Biography - Gustave Moreau - 7Ko]
Gustave Moreau (París, 6 de abril de 1826 - íd., 18 de abril de 1898) fue un pintor francés, precursor del Simbolismo y célebre por su estética decadente. Gustave Moreau nació en París el 6 de abril de 1826(el mismo dia que el gran LK), en el seno de una familia burguesa que no puso obstáculos a su vocación artística. En 1838, Gustave comenzó su ed...
[Biography - Gustave Moreau - 7Ko]
Гюстав Моро (фр. Gustave Moreau) (6 апреля 1826, Париж — 18 апреля 1898, Париж) — французский художник, представитель символизма. Моро был учеником Теодора Шассерио в школе изящных искусств в Париже. Его полотна, акварели и рисунки были посвящены в основном библейским, мистическим и фантастическим темам. Его живопись оказала огромное влияние на фов...
[Biography - Gustave Moreau - 2Ko]
Gustave Moreau (6 de abril de 1826 - 18 de abril de 1898) foi um pintor francês. Tornou-se célebre por ser um dos principais impulsionadores da arte simbolista do século XIX. Moreau começou como pintor realista. Posteriormente, sob a influência dos impressionistas e pré-rafaelitas, evoluiu para uma pintura mais romântica e espiritual, que lhe permi...
[Biography - Gustave Moreau - 3Ko]
ギュスターヴ・モロー(Gustave Moreau, 1826年4月6日–1898年4月18日)は、フランスの象徴主義の画家である。パリに生まれパリで亡くなった。聖書や神話に題材をとった幻想的な作風で知られる。 印象派の画家たちとほぼ同時代に活動したモローは、聖書やギリシャ神話をおもな題材とし、想像と幻想の世界をもっぱら描いた。彼の作品は19世紀末のいわゆる『世紀末』の画家や文学者に多大な影響を与え、象徴主義の先駆者とされている。 1826年、パリに生まれた。父はパリ市とポリーヌ・デモティエの建築家ルイ・モロー fr:Louis_Moreau_(architecte)。母は音楽家だった。ギュスターヴは体が弱く、6歳のころから素描をして遊ぶようになった。1843年に最初のイタリア旅行をした。1...
[Biography - Gustave Moreau - 4Ko]
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