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Portfolio Jean Theodoor Toorop. The complete works. (35: Drawing, Oil On Canvas, Pastel, Pencil)

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  • Jean Theodoor Toorop - The Young Generation
  • Jean Theodoor Toorop - The new generation
  • Jean Theodoor Toorop - Fatality
  • Jean Theodoor Toorop - Preparing The Meal
  • Jean Theodoor Toorop - Song of the Times
  • Jean Theodoor Toorop - Broek in Waterland
  • Jean Theodoor Toorop - The Sea at Katwijk
  • Jean Theodoor Toorop - Landscape with canal
  • Jean Theodoor Toorop - Portrait of Theo Neuhuys
  • Jean Theodoor Toorop - Portrait of Emma Bellwidt on the Beach at Domburg
  • Jean Theodoor Toorop - Arnhem Life Insurance Company
  • Jean Theodoor Toorop - Bridge in London
  • Jean Theodoor Toorop - O grave, where is thy Victory
  • Jean Theodoor Toorop - Self-Portrait
  • Jean Theodoor Toorop - Trio fleuri
  • Jean Theodoor Toorop - Oceanide
  • Jean Theodoor Toorop - The vagabonds
  • Jean Theodoor Toorop - Cover for 'A dream' by Henri Borel
  • Jean Theodoor Toorop - Fatalism
  • Jean Theodoor Toorop - Crucifixion
  • Jean Theodoor Toorop - Brussels students
  • Jean Theodoor Toorop - The Desire and the Satisfaction
  • Jean Theodoor Toorop - Wall decoration for Beurs van Berlage Café
  • Jean Theodoor Toorop - The Three Fiancées
  • Jean Theodoor Toorop - The Three Fiancees
  • Jean Theodoor Toorop - The Schelde at Veere
  • Jean Theodoor Toorop - Self -portrait
  • Jean Theodoor Toorop - Cover for 'Babel' by Louis Couperus
All 35 Artworks from Jean Theodoor Toorop

Jean Theodoor Toorop (20 December 1858 – 3 March 1928), better known as Jan Toorop, was an Indo (Javanese Dutch) painter, whose works straddle the space between the Symbolist painters and Art Nouveau. His early work was influenced by the Amsterdam Impressionism movement.

Jean Theodoor Toorop was born on 20 December 1858 in Purworejo, Java, Dutch East Indies. He was a descendant of an Asian lady and a so-called orang Belanda Hitam - i.e. one of the black soldiers recruited from the Gold Coast - what is now called Ghana. Those soldiers served in the Dutch colonial army. In 1872, he moved with his family to the Netherlands, where he studied in Delft and Amsterdam. In 1880 he became a student at the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam. From 1882 to 1886 he lived in Brussels, where he joined Les XX (Les Vingts), a group of artists centred around James Ensor. Toorop worked in various styles during these years, such as Realism, Impressionism Neo-Impressionism and Post-Impressionism.

After his marriage to an English woman, Annie Hall, in 1886, Toorop alternated his time between The Hague, England and Brussels, and after 1890 also the Dutch seaside town of Katwijk aan Zee. During this period he developed his own unique Symbolist style, with dynamic, unpredictable lines based on Javanese motifs, highly stylised willowy figures, and curvilinear designs.

Thereafter he turned to Art Nouveau styles, in which a similar play of lines is used for decorative purposes, without any apparent symbolic meaning. In 1905 he converted to Catholicism and began producing religious works. He also created book illustrations, posters, and stained glass designs.

Throughout his life Toorop also produced portraits, in sketch format and as paintings, which in style range from highly realistic to impressionistic.

Toorop died on 3 March 1928 in The Hague, Netherlands. His daughter Charley Toorop (1891–1955) was also a painter, as was his grandson Edgar Fernhout.

[Biography - Jean Theodoor Toorop - 3Ko]
Jan Theodoor Toorop, né le 20 décembre 1858 à Purworejo (Indes néerlandaises) et mort le 3 mars 1928 à La Haye, est un peintre néerlandais dont le travail comble le fossé entre le symbolisme pictural et l'Art nouveau. Jan Toorop est né dans l'île de Java, dans ce qui était alors les Indes néerlandaises. Il a étudié à Delft et Amsterdam (Rijksakadem...
[Biography - Jean Theodoor Toorop - 2Ko]
Jan Toorop (* 20. Dezember 1858 in Poerworedjo, (Java) † 3. März 1928 in Den Haag eigentlich Johannes Theodor Toorop) war ein niederländischer Maler. Toorop ist hauptsächlich als Maler des Jugendstils und des Symbolismus bekannt. Tatsächlich war er außergewöhnlich vielseitig, wechselte im Lauf seines Lebens mehrfach seine künstlerische Ausrichtun...
[Biography - Jean Theodoor Toorop - 7Ko]
Jan Toorop in origine Johannes Theodoor Toorop (Purworejo, 20 dicembre 1858 – L'Aia, 3 marzo 1928) è stato un pittore olandese. Nato nel 1858 sull'isola di Giava (all'epoca colonia olandese), da genitori olandesi, vi trascorse la prima infanzia dal 1880 al 1882 frequenta l'Accademia di Belle Arti di Amsterdam. Artisticamente fu influenzato prima d...
[Biography - Jean Theodoor Toorop - 2Ko]
Jan Toorop (Purworedjo, Java, 20 de diciembre de 1858- La Haya, Holanda, 3 de marzo de 1928) fue un pintor holandés a caballo entre el simbolismo y el modernismo. En 1872 se trasladó con su familia a Holanda y estudió en Delft y Ámsterdam. En 1880 estudió pintura en la Rijksakademie de Amsterdam. De 1882 a 1886 vivió en Bruselas, donde se unió al g...
[Biography - Jean Theodoor Toorop - 2Ko]
Ян Теодор Тороп (нидерл. Johannes Theodorus Toorop, 20 декабря 1858, Пурвореджо, Ява — 3 марта 1928, Гаага) — крупнейший представитель символизма в нидерландской живописи. Родился в 1858 году на Яве в смешанной семье. С 1869 года семья жила в Нидерландах. Тороп учился в школе сначала в Лейдене, затем в Винтерсвейке, с 1875 года в Гааге, где он знак...
[Biography - Jean Theodoor Toorop - 4Ko]
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