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Portfolio Nicolas Poussin. The complete works. (348: Chalk, Oil, Oil On Canvas, Pen, Sculpture)

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  • Nicolas Poussin - A Roman Road
  • Nicolas Poussin - The Poet's Inspiration
  • Nicolas Poussin - The Adoration of the Golden Calf
  • Nicolas Poussin - Et in Arcadia ego
  • Nicolas Poussin - Et in Arcadia Ego, Musée du Louvre, Paris.
  • Nicolas Poussin - St Cecilia
  • Nicolas Poussin - Autumn (The Spies with the Grapes of the Promised Land)
  • Nicolas Poussin - Et in Arcadia Ego
  • Nicolas Poussin - Holy Family on the Steps
  • Nicolas Poussin - The Holy Family with St. Elizabeth and John the Baptist
  • Nicolas Poussin - The Victory of Joshua over the Amalekites
  • Nicolas Poussin - St John the Baptist Baptizes the People
  • Nicolas Poussin - The Rape of the Sabine Women
  • Nicolas Poussin - A Bacchanalian Revel before a Term
  • Nicolas Poussin - Pharaoh's Daughter Finds Baby Moses
  • Nicolas Poussin - Venus Presenting Arms to Aeneas
  • Nicolas Poussin - The Triumph of Pan
  • Nicolas Poussin - Nicholas Sleeping Venus and Cupid
  • Nicolas Poussin - The Seven Sacraments, Ordination
  • Nicolas Poussin - Landscape with a Man scooping Water from a Stream
  • Nicolas Poussin - The Seven Sacraments, Baptism
  • Nicolas Poussin - Triumph of Neptune
  • Nicolas Poussin - The Institution of the Eucharist
  • Nicolas Poussin - Landscape with St Matthew and the Angel
  • Nicolas Poussin - Baptism
  • Nicolas Poussin - The Triumph of Neptune
  • Nicolas Poussin - Battle of Gideon Against the Midianites
All 348 Artworks from Nicolas Poussin

Nicolas Poussin (15 June 1594 – 19 November 1665) was a French painter in the classical style. His work predominantly features clarity, logic, and order, and favors line over color. His work serves as an alternative to the dominant Baroque style of the 17th century. Until the 20th century he remained the major inspiration for such classically-oriented artists as Jacques-Louis David and Paul Cézanne.

He spent most of his working life in Rome, except for a short period when Cardinal Richelieu ordered him back to France to serve as First Painter to the King.


Early career
Helios and Phaeton with Saturn and the Four Seasons (c. 1635)Nicolas Poussin's early biographer was his friend Giovanni Pietro Bellori, who relates that Poussin was born near Les Andelys in Normandy and that he received an education that included some Latin, which would stand him in good stead. Early sketches attracted the notice of Quentin Varin, a local painter, whose pupil Poussin became, until he ran away to Paris at the age of eighteen. There he entered the studios of the Flemish painter Ferdinand Elle and then of Georges Lallemand, both minor masters now remembered for having tutored Poussin. He found French art in a stage of transition: the old apprenticeship system was disturbed, and the academic training destined to supplant it was not yet established by Simon Vouet; but having met Courtois the mathematician, Poussin was fired by the study of his collection of engravings by Marcantonio Raimondi after Italian masters.

Rape of the Sabine Women, Rome, 1637-38, oil on canvas, 159 x 206 cm, LouvreAfter two abortive attempts to reach Rome, he fell in with Giambattista Marino, the court poet to Marie de Medici, at Lyon. Marino employed him on illustrations to his poem Adone (untraced) and on a series of illustrations for a projected edition of Ovid's Metamorphoses, took him into his household, and in 1624 enabled Poussin (who had been detained by commissions in Lyon and Paris) to rejoin him at Rome. It has been suggested that it was this early friendship with Marino, and the commissioning of illustrations of his poetry (which drew on Ovidian themes), that founded, or at least reinforced, the prominent eroticism in Poussin's early work.

[Biography - Nicolas Poussin - 4Ko]
Nicolas Poussin, né au hameau de Villers, près des Andelys, le 15 juin 1594, décédé à Rome le 19 novembre 1665, est un peintre français du XVIIe siècle, représentant majeur du classicisme pictural . Biographie Poussin quitte à 18 ans la demeure familiale suite à la désapprobation de ses parents quant à son choix d'une carrière de peintre. Il se ren...
[Biography - Nicolas Poussin - 7Ko]
Nicolas Poussin [pu'sɛ̃] (* 15. Juni 1594 in Les Andelys (Normandie) † 19. November 1665 in Rom) war ein Maler des klassizistischen Barock. Poussin wurde als Sohn eines verarmten Landedelmanns und ehemaligen Soldaten der königlichen Armee geboren. Ausgebildet als Maler wurde er zwischen 1612 und 1621 in Rouen und Paris. Frühe künstlerische Anregun...
[Biography - Nicolas Poussin - 12Ko]
Nicolas Poussin, noto in Italia anche come Niccolò Pussino (Les Andelys, 15 giugno 1594 – Roma, 19 novembre 1665), è stato un pittore francese. Di piena impostazione classica, nel suo lavoro sono caratteristiche predominanti chiarezza, logica e ordine. Fino a tutto il XX secolo fu il riferimento prevalente per artisti con orientamento classicista, ...
[Biography - Nicolas Poussin - 4Ko]
Nicolas Poussin (Les Andelys, Normandía, 15 de junio de 1594 - Roma, 19 de noviembre de 1665) fue un pintor francés, uno de los más destacados de la escuela clasicista. Poussin fue el fundador y gran practicante de la pintura clásica francesa del siglo XVII. Su obra simboliza las virtudes de la claridad, la lógica y el orden. Ha influenciado el cur...
[Biography - Nicolas Poussin - 6Ko]
Никола Пуссе́н (фр. Nicolas Poussin, 1594, Ле-Андели, Нормандия — 19 ноября 1665, Рим) — французский художник, стоявший у истоков живописи классицизма. Долгое время жил и работал в Риме. Практически все его картины — на историко-мифологические сюжеты. Мастер чеканной, ритмичной композиции. Одним из первых оценил монументальность локального цвета. Р...
[Biography - Nicolas Poussin - 3Ko]
尼古拉·普桑(Nicolas Poussin,1594年6月15日-1665年11月19日)17世紀法國巴洛克時期重要畫家,但属于古典主义画派。以《阿爾卡迪的牧人》為其代表作;《摩西的发现》是其古典主义的代表作。常被簡稱做普桑。 出生於法國諾曼第省安德利鎮(en: Les Andelys,),是貴族之後;青年時曾向兩位畫家學習,分別是康坦·瓦蘭(Quentin Varin)與儒佛內(Jouvenet)。他曾到過巴黎,受拉斐尔的古典畫風影響很深,1621年曾為盧森堡宮畫壁畫,並交了幾位好友,分別是畫家腓力普·德·尚帕涅與義大利詩人馬里諾(Marino)騎士。 1630年,普桑在29歲時,移居到義大利的羅馬,並在義大利開始對文藝復興時間畫作產生強烈興趣,間接影響了他古典主義派的畫風。他的代表作《...
[Biography - Nicolas Poussin - 2Ko]
Nicolas Poussin (Les Andelys, Normandia, França, 15 de Junho de 1594 - Roma, 19 de Novembro de 1665) foi um pintor francês, mas por seu espírito e sensibilidade, romano por adoção. É um dos maiores representantes do classicismo do século XVII. Trabalhou quase que exclusivamente em Roma. Um dos trabalhos mais famosos de Poussin é Os Pastores de Arcá...
[Biography - Nicolas Poussin - 2Ko]
ニコラ・プッサン(Nicolas Poussin, 1594年6月15日 - 1665年11月19日)は、バロック時代のフランスの画家。「プサン」「プーサン」とも表記する。 17世紀のフランスを代表する画家であるが、画家としての生涯の大半をローマで過ごした。1594年、フランス・ノルマンディー地方のレ=ザンドリに近いヴィレという村で生まれた。父親は地方の小貴族だったが、プッサンが生まれたのは父親がすでに60歳近くの時だったとされ、恵まれた少年時代ではなかったようだ。プッサンの修業時代のことについては史料が乏しく、当時の作品もほとんど残っていないが、10代後半から20代の大部分をルーアンとパリで過ごした。 1624年、29歳の時、プッサンはローマに出ている。 このローマ行きには当時の高名な詩人...
[Biography - Nicolas Poussin - 2Ko]
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