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Stormy Sea, Oil On Canvas by Ivan Aivazovsky (1817-1900, Ukraine)

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Painting Copy Fine Art Stormy Sea - Oil On Canvas By Ivan Aivazovsky , Painting Copy Fine Art Stormy Sea - Oil On Canvas By Ivan Aivazovsky
Stormy Sea, Oil On Canvas by Ivan Aivazovsky (1817-1900, Ukraine)
Painting Copy Fine Art Stormy Sea - Oil On Canvas By Ivan Aivazovsky , Painting Copy Fine Art Stormy Sea - Oil On Canvas By Ivan Aivazovsky

"Stormy Sea"

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Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky  July 29, 1817 – May 5, 1900) was a painter of Armenian descent living and working Crimea, most famous for his seascapes, which constitute more than half of his paintings.


Aivazovsky was born in the town of Feodosiya, Crimea (Russian Empire) to a poor Armenian family. His parents family name was Aivazian. Some of artist's paintings bear a signature, in Armenian letters, "Hovhannes Aivazian". His talent as an artist earned him sponsorship and entry to the Simferopol gymnasium ?1 and later the St.Petersburg Academy of Arts, from which he graduated with the gold medal. Earning awards for his early landscapes and seascapes, he went on to paint a series of portraits of Crimean coastal towns before traveling throughout Europe. In later life, his paintings of naval scenes earned him a longstanding commission from the Russian Navy.

In 1845, Aivazovsky went to Constantinople upon the invitation of Sultan Abdülmecid, a city he was to travel to eight times between 1845-1890. During his long sojourn in Constantinople, Aivazovsky was commissioned for a number of paintings as a court painter by the Ottoman Sultans Abdülmecid, Abdulaziz and Abdulhamid, 30 of which are currently on display in the Ottoman Imperial Palace, the Dolmabahce Museum and many others at various other museums in Turkey.

[Biography - Ivan Aivazovsky - 3Ko]
Ivan Konstantinovitch Aïvazovski , né à Théodosie (Crimée) le 29 juillet 1817 et mort dans cette même ville le 5 mai 1900 , est un peintre russe d'origine arménienne. C'est un des maîtres de la peinture de marine qui a marqué l'histoire et les périodes romantiques et réalistes de l'art russe. Biographie Ses origines Originaire d'une famille pauvre ...
[Biography - Ivan Aivazovsky - 5Ko]
Iwan Konstantinowitsch Aiwasowski (armenisch Հովհաննես Կոստանդինի Այվազովսկի , russisch Иван Константинович Айвазовский, wiss. Transliteration Ivan Konstantinovič Ajvazovskij * 17. Julijul./ 29. Juli 1817greg. in Feodossija, Krim, Russisches Reich † 19. Apriljul./ 2. Mai 1900greg. in Feodossija) war ein russischer Marinemaler armenischer Abstammu...
[Biography - Ivan Aivazovsky - 6Ko]
Ivan Konstantinovič Ajvazovskij (in russo: Иван Константинович Айвазовский[?] Feodosija, 29 luglio 1817 – Feodosija, 5 maggio 1900) fu un pittore russo di origine armena, famoso per i suoi paesaggi marini, che costituiscono più di metà dei suoi lavori. Ajvazovskij nacque in Crimea, da una famiglia povera di origine armena. Il cognome dei suoi geni...
[Biography - Ivan Aivazovsky - 2Ko]
Iván Konstantínovich Aivazovski (En armenioՀովհաննես Այվազովսկի, en ruso: Иван Константинович Айвазовский Feodosia 17 de julio de 1817 - 19 de abril de 1900) fue un pintor ruso, de ascendencia armenia, famoso por sus marinas. En 1833 ingresó en la Academia Imperial de las Artes de San Petersburgo, recibiendo dos años después la medalla de plata en...
[Biography - Ivan Aivazovsky - 2Ko]
伊凡·康斯坦丁诺维奇·艾瓦佐夫斯基(亞美尼亞語:Հովհաննես Այվազովսկի、俄语:Иван Константинович Айвазовский、 乌克兰语:Іва́н Костянти́нович Айвазо́вський、英语:Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky,1817年7月29日-1900年5月5日)是一位俄罗斯亚美尼亚画家,他居住和生活在克里米亚,以海景画著名,此类画作占其作品大半部分。 艾瓦佐夫斯基出生于克里米亚费奥多西亚(原属俄罗斯帝国,现属乌克兰)的一个穷困的亚美尼亚家庭。他的艺术天赋使他获得奖学金,先后进入Simferopol gymnasium №1和帝国艺术学院学习,毕业时他获得了金奖。他的早期以风景画和海景画获得收入,在周游...
[Biography - Ivan Aivazovsky - 3Ko]
Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovskii (Teodósia, 29 de julho de 1817 — Teodósia, 5 de maio de 1900) foi um pintor russo de ascendência arménia conhecido pelas suas paisagens marítimas. Morreu deixando um reportório de mais de seis mil obras, entre elas, a mais famosa, Nona Onda. Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovskii nasceu no seio de uma família de mercadore...
[Biography - Ivan Aivazovsky - 3Ko]
イヴァン・コンスタンチノヴィチ・アイヴァゾフスキー(ロシア語: Иван Константинович Айвазовский, 1817年7月29日 - 1900年5月5日)はウクライナ生れのロシアの画家。民族的にはアルメニア人で、作品のいくつかにアルメニア文字で本名ホヴァネス・アイヴァジヤーン(Հովհաննես Այվազյան)と記入している。 おびただしい数の風景画を残したが、その大半が海をモチーフにしており、ウィンズロウ・ホーマーと並ぶ海洋画家である。 クリミア半島のフェオドシヤに、貧しいアルメニア人を両親に生れる。傑出した画才ゆえに援助金を受けてシンフェロポリのギムナジウムに入学。その後はペテルブルク美術アカデミーに進み、金メダルを得て卒業した。初期の風景画や海洋画で稼いだ賞金...
[Biography - Ivan Aivazovsky - 2Ko]


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Stormy Sea, Oil On Canvas by Ivan Aivazovsky (1817-1900, Ukraine)
Ivan Aivazovsky
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