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The Amazon, Sculpture by Franz Von Stuck (1863-1928, Germany)

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Framed Giclee Fine Art Franz Von Stuck , Oil Painting Fine Art Franz Von Stuck
The Amazon, Sculpture by Franz Von Stuck (1863-1928, Germany)
Framed Giclee Fine Art Franz Von Stuck , Oil Painting Fine Art Franz Von Stuck

"The Amazon"

Franz Stuck (February 24, 1863 - August 30, 1928) was a German Symbolist/Art Nouveau painter, sculptor, engraver, and architect.

Life and career

Stuck was born at Tettenweis, in Bavaria. From an early age he displayed an affinity for drawing and caricature. To begin his artistic education in 1878 he went to Munich, where he would settle for life. From 1881 to 1885 Stuck attended the Munich Academy.

He first made a name with cartoons for Fliegende Blätter, and vignette designs for programmes and book decoration. In 1889 he exhibited his first paintings at the Munich Glass Palace, winning a gold medal for The Guardian of Paradise.

In 1892 Stuck co-founded the Munich Secession, and also executed his first sculpture, Athlete. The following year he won further acclaim with the critical and public success of what is now his most famous work, The Sin. Also in 1893, Stuck was awarded a gold medal for painting at the Chicago World's Fair and was appointed to a royal professorship. In 1895 he began teaching painting at the Munich Academy.

In 1897 Stuck married an American widow, Mary Lindpainter, and began work designing his own residence and studio, the Villa Stuck. His designs for the villa included everything from layout to interior decorations; for his furniture Stuck received another gold medal at the 1900 Paris World Exposition.

Having attained a high degree of fame by this time, Stuck was elevated to the aristocracy on December 9, 1905 and would receive further public honours from around Europe during the remainder of his life. Even as new trends in art left Stuck behind, he continued to be highly respected among young artists in his capacity as professor at the Munich Academy. Notable students of his over the years include Paul Klee, Hans Purrmann, Wassily Kandinsky, and Josef Albers.

Franz von Stuck died in 1928; his funeral address memorialized him as "the last prince of art of Munich's great days". He is buried in the Munich Waldfriedhof next to his wife Mary.


Rigeltanz, 1905Stuck's subject matter was primarily drawn from mythology, inspired by the work of Arnold Böcklin. Large, heavy forms dominate most of his paintings and point toward his proclivities for sculpture. His seductive female nudes, in the role of the femme fatale, are a prime example of popular Symbolist content. Stuck paid close attention to the frames for his paintings and generally designed them himself with such careful use of panels, gilt carving and inscriptions that the frames must be taken as an integral part of the overall piece.


Sisyphus, 1920.The number of Stuck's pupils who went on to great success served to enhance the teacher's own fame even further. Yet by the time of his death, Stuck's importance as an artist in his own right had almost been forgotten: his art seemed old-fashioned and irrelevant to a generation shattered by the First World War. Stuck generally remained lost to public memory until the late 1960s when a renewed interest in Art Nouveau brought him to attention once more. In 1968 the Villa Stuck was opened to the public; today it is a museum.
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Franz von Stuck (23 février 1863 - 30 août 1928) est un peintre allemand symboliste et expressionniste il était aussi sculpteur, graveur et architecte. Il est né à Tettenweis, en Bavière, et a suivi des cours à l'académie des beaux-arts de Munich. Il a commencé à se faire un nom avec des illustrations pour le Fliegende Blätter (Les Feuilles volan...
[Biography - Franz Von Stuck - 2Ko]
Franz Stuck, seit 1906 Ritter von Stuck (* 23. Februar 1863 in Tettenweis, Landkreis Passau, Niederbayern † 30. August 1928 in München) war ein deutscher Maler und Bildhauer. Als Sohn eines Dorfmüllers besuchte Franz Stuck die Kunstgewerbeschule und die Akademie in München. Dort suchte er abseits vom traditionellen Lehrstil neue Techniken und Ausd...
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Franz von Stuck (Tettenweis, 23 febbraio 1863 – Monaco di Baviera, 30 agosto 1928) è stato un pittore simbolista-espressionista, nonché scultore, illustratore e architetto tedesco. Nel 1892 cofonda, insieme ad altri artisti, il movimento modernista della secessione di Monaco antesignano, assieme ad altre secessioni del periodo, dell'esperienza dell...
[Biography - Franz Von Stuck - 2Ko]
Franz von Stuck (24 de febrero de 1863 - 30 de agosto de 1928) fue un pintor, escultor, grabador y arquitecto alemán que se destacó en el estilo del simbolismo y del art nouveau. Stuck nació en Tettenweis, Baviera. A edad temprana mostró afinidad por el dibujo y la caricatura. Para comenzar su educación artística fue a Múnich en 1878, donde permane...
[Biography - Franz Von Stuck - 4Ko]
Франц Штук (24 февраля 1863 - 30 августа 1928) был немецкий символист / модерна художник, скульптор, резчик и архитектор. Жизнь и карьера Штука родился в Tettenweis, в Баварии. С раннего возраста он проявлял сродством к рисованию и карикатуры. Чтобы начать свое художественное образование в 1878 году он отправился в Мюнхен, где он будет останавливат...
[Biography - Franz Von Stuck - 4Ko]
弗朗茨卡住(1863年2月24日 - 8月30日,1928年)是一个德国的象征/新艺术风格的画家,雕刻家,雕刻,和建筑师。 生活和事业 滞留在Tettenweis出生,在巴伐利亚州。从幼年起,他显示了一个用于绘图的亲和力和漫画。为了在1878年开始他的艺术教育,他来到慕尼黑,在那里他将终身定居。从1881年到1885年滞留出席慕尼黑学院。 他首先提出,Fliegende布拉特漫画,小品的设计方案和书籍装帧的名称。在1889年,他在慕尼黑玻璃宫殿展出了他的第一个作品,赢得金牌的天堂“卫报”。 卡在1892年共同创立了慕尼黑分裂国家,也执行了他的第一个雕塑,运动员。次年,他赢得了什么现在是他最著名的作品,仙的关键和公共成功进一步的一致好评。同样是在1893年,卡住被授予在芝加哥世界博览会为绘画的...
[Biography - Franz Von Stuck - 2Ko]
Franz Stuck (24 de fevereiro de 1863 - 30 de agosto de 1928) foi um alemão simbolista / Art Nouveau pintor, escultor, gravador, arquiteto e. Vida e carreira Preso nasceu em Tettenweis, na Baviera. Desde cedo ele mostrou uma afinidade para desenho e caricatura. Para começar a sua formação artística em 1878 ele foi para Munique, onde ele iria se cont...
[Biography - Franz Von Stuck - 5Ko]
フランツシュトゥック(1863年2月24日 - 1928年8月30日)はドイツの象徴/アールヌーヴォーの画家、彫刻家、彫刻家、そして建築家だった。 人生とキャリア シュトゥックは、バイエルン州では、Tettenweisで生まれた。幼い頃から彼は、描画のための親和性を表示して戯画。 1878年に彼の芸術教育を開始するには彼は生命のために解決する場所、ミュンヘンに行きました。 1881年から1885年にミュンヘンのアカデミーに出席し立ち往生。 彼は最初のプログラムと本の装飾のためのさまよえるブラッターのための漫画、およびビネットのデザインで名を上げた。 1889年に彼は楽園の守護者のために金メダルを獲得、ミュンヘンのガラスの宮殿で彼の最初の絵画を展示。 1892年にミュンヘン分離派共同設立スタッ...
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The Amazon, Sculpture by Franz Von Stuck (1863-1928, Germany)
Franz Von Stuck
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