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Still life of Apples,Grapes and Pears by Rubens Peale (1784-1865, United States)

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Framed Giclee Fine Art Rubens Peale , Oil Painting Fine Art Rubens Peale
Still life of Apples,Grapes and Pears by Rubens Peale (1784-1865, United States)
Framed Giclee Fine Art Rubens Peale , Oil Painting Fine Art Rubens Peale

"Still life of Apples,Grapes and Pears"

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Rubens Peale (May 4, 1784 – July 17, 1865) was an American artist and museum director. Born in Philadelphia, he was a son of artist-naturalist, Charles Willson Peale.


He was the fourth son of Charles Willson Peale. Rubens had weak eyes and, unlike most of his siblings, did not set out to be an artist. He traveled with the family in 1802 to Britain, but was unable to travel on the continent with the outbreak of war. In 1803 he attended classes at the University of Pennsylvania. He became Director of his father's museum in Philadelphia from 1810 to 1821, and then of the Peale Museum in Baltimore, which he ran with his brother, Rembrandt Peale. To promote the museum, he installed gas lighting illumination in the museum.

He opened his own museum in New York on October 26, 1825, (along with the opening of the Erie Canal). By 1840, Peale would change the name to the New York Museum of Natural History and Science. The Panic of 1837 sent his museum into debt. It competed with the American Museum, of P.T. Barnum. Rubens had to sell his entire collection to Barnum in 1843. He moved to Pottstown, Pennsylvania. In 1837, he retired to his father-in-law, George Patterson's estate near Schuylkill Haven, Pennsylvania, and lived as a country gentleman, at Woodland Farm. He experimented with Mesmerism, and wrote to his brother Rembrandt about it.

In October 1855, he began keeping a Journal, and he turned to still life painting, as an extension of his interest in natural history. In 1864, he returned to Philadelphia, and studied landscape painting with Edward Moran. In the last ten years of his life, he produced one hundred thirty paintings.


On March 6, 1820, he married Eliza Burd Patterson, (December 6, 1795 – 1864) and they had children Charles Wilson, George Patterson, William, Mary Jane (1826–1902) (who also was a painter), James Burd, and Edward Burd. Charles Willson Peale (Feb 15, 1821 – Sept 30, 1871) married Harriet Friel (b. Aug 11, 1830), they had a son Albert Charles Peale, (Apr 1, 1849) who was a geologist with the US Geological Survey.

Diary Entries on the Death of Lincoln

April 15, 1865:

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In 1985, the National Gallery of Art paid $4.07 million of a portrait of him, with a geranium, by his brother Rembrandt Peale. American art history and ophthalmology scholars have studied the painting, and have theories for this unusual depiction of glasses. In 2007, Princeton University Art Museum bought Still Life With Watermelon, in honor of John Wilmerding.
[Biography - Rubens Peale - 5Ko]
Rubens Peale (4 mai 1784 - Juillet 17, 1865) était un artiste américain et directeur du musée. Né à Philadelphie, il était le fils de l'artiste-naturaliste, Charles Willson Peale. Life Il était le quatrième fils de Charles Willson Peale. Rubens avait les yeux faibles et, contrairement à la plupart de ses frères et sœurs, n'a pas l'ambition d'être u...
[Biography - Rubens Peale - 6Ko]
Rubens Peale (4. Mai 1784 - 17. Juli 1865) war ein amerikanischer Künstler und Museumsdirektor. In Philadelphia geboren, war er ein Sohn von Künstler-Naturforscher Charles Willson Peale. Life Er war der vierte Sohn von Charles Willson Peale. Rubens hatte schwache Augen und, anders als die meisten seiner Geschwister, war es nicht, ein Künstler einge...
[Biography - Rubens Peale - 5Ko]
Rubens Peale (4 maggio 1784 - 17 luglio 1865) è stato un artista americano e direttore del museo. Nato a Filadelfia, era un figlio di artista-naturalista, Charles Willson Peale. Life Era il quarto figlio di Charles Willson Peale. Rubens aveva gli occhi deboli e, a differenza della maggior parte dei suoi fratelli, non ha deciso di essere un artista....
[Biography - Rubens Peale - 5Ko]
Rubens Peale (mayo 4, 1784-julio 17, 1865) fue un artista estadounidense y director del museo. Nacido en Filadelfia, era un hijo del artista-naturalista, Charles Willson Peale. La vida Fue el cuarto hijo de Charles Willson Peale. Rubens tenía los ojos débiles y, a diferencia de la mayoría de sus hermanos, no se propuso ser un artista. él viajó con ...
[Biography - Rubens Peale - 5Ko]


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Still life of Apples,Grapes and Pears by Rubens Peale (1784-1865, United States)
Rubens Peale
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