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Woman Reading a Letter, Oil On Canvas by Pieter De Hooch (1629-1684, Netherlands)

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Framed Giclee Fine Art Pieter De Hooch , Oil Painting Fine Art Pieter De Hooch
Woman Reading a Letter, Oil On Canvas by Pieter De Hooch (1629-1684, Netherlands)
Framed Print Fine Art Pieter De Hooch , Framed Giclee Fine Art Pieter De Hooch

"Woman Reading a Letter"

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Pieter de Hooch (December 20, 1629 (baptized) – 24 March 1684 (buried)) was a genre painter during the Dutch Golden Age. He was a contemporary of Dutch Master Jan Vermeer, with whom his work shared themes and style.

De Hooch was born in Rotterdam to Hendrick Hendricksz de Hooch, a bricklayer, and Annetge Pieters, a midwife. He was the eldest of five children and outlived all of his siblings. He studied art in Haarlem under the landscape painter, Nicolaes Berchem. Beginning in 1650, he worked as a painter and servant for a linen-merchant and art collector named Justus de la Grange. His service for the merchant required him to accompany him on his travels to The Hague, Leiden, and Delft, to which he eventually moved. It is likely that de Hooch handed over most of his works to la Grange during this period in exchange for board and other benefits, as this was a common commercial arrangement for painters at the time, and a later inventory recorded that la Grange possessed eleven of his paintings.

De Hooch was married in Delft in 1654 to Jannetje van der Burch, by whom he fathered seven children. While in Delft, de Hooch is also believed to have learned from the painters Carel Fabritius and Nicolaes Maes, who were both early members of the Delft School. He became a member of the painters' guild of Saint Luke in 1655, and had moved to Amsterdam by 1661.

The early work of de Hooch, like most young painters of his time, was mostly composed of scenes of soldiers in stables and taverns, though he used these to develop great skill in light, color, and perspective rather than to explore an interest in the subject matter. After starting his family in the mid-1650s, he switched his focus to domestic scenes and family portraits. His work showed astute observation of the mundane details of everyday life while also functioning as well-ordered morality tales. These paintings often exhibited a sophisticated and delicate treatment of light similar to those of Vermeer, who lived in Delft at the same time as de Hooch. 19th century art historians had assumed that Vermeer had been influenced by de Hooch's work, but the opposite is now believed.

Though he began to paint for wealthier patrons in Amsterdam, he lived in the poorest areas of the city. Around this time, de Hooch's painting style became coarser and darker in color, and his simple domestic scenes were replaced by highly-decorated images set in palatial halls and country villas. Most scholars believe that de Hooch's work after around 1670 became more stylized and deteriorated in quality. It may be that his distress (at age 38, with a young family) at the death of his wife (in 1667) affected his work. In any case, his health was now deteriorating, and he died in 1684 in an Amsterdam insane asylum, though the direct cause of his admission there is unknown.
[Biography - Pieter de Hooch - 4Ko]
Pieter de Hooch (Décembre 20, 1629 (baptisé) - 24 Mars 1684 (enterrée)) était un peintre de genre pendant l'âge d'or hollandais. Il était un contemporain de Vermeer Jan Maître hollandais, avec qui son travail partagé thèmes et le style. Hooch est né à Rotterdam Hendrick Hendricksz de Hooch, un maçon, et Pieters Annetge, une sage-femme. Il était l'a...
[Biography - Pieter de Hooch - 5Ko]
Pieter de Hooch (20. Dezember 1629 (getauft) - 24. März 1684 (begraben)) war ein Genremaler während des Goldenen Zeitalters der Niederlande. Er war ein Zeitgenosse des niederländischen Meisters Jan Vermeer, mit denen seine Arbeit Themen und Stil gemeinsam. De Hooch wurde in Rotterdam zu Hendrick Hendricksz de Hooch, ein Maurer, und Annetge Pieters,...
[Biography - Pieter de Hooch - 4Ko]
Pieter de Hooch (20 dicembre 1629 (battezzato) - 24 marzo 1684 (sepolto)) è stato un pittore di genere durante l'età d'oro olandese. E 'stato un contemporaneo di Maestro olandese Jan Vermeer, con il quale il suo lavoro condiviso temi e stile. De Hooch è nato a Rotterdam per Hendrick Hendricksz de Hooch, un muratore, e Pieters Annetge, una levatrice...
[Biography - Pieter de Hooch - 4Ko]
Pieter de Hooch (20 de diciembre 1629 (bautizado) - 24 marzo 1684 (enterrado)) fue un pintor de género durante el Siglo de Oro holandés. él era un contemporáneo del holandés Jan Vermeer Maestro, con quien su trabajo en común temas y estilo. Hooch nació en Rotterdam a Hendrick Hendricksz de Hooch, un albañil, y Pieters Annetge, una partera. Fue el m...
[Biography - Pieter de Hooch - 4Ko]
Питер де Хуч (20 декабря 1629 (крестится) - 24 марта 1684 (похоронен)) был жанрист во время голландского Золотого Века. Он был современником голландский мастер Ян Вермеер, с которым его работа общие темы и стиля. Де Хуч родился в Роттердаме, чтобы Хендрик де Hendricksz Хуч, каменщик, и Annetge Питерс, акушерка. Он был старшим из пяти детей и пережи...
[Biography - Pieter de Hooch - 4Ko]
彼得DE Hooch(12月20日,1629年,(洗礼) - 1684年3月24日(埋))是一个流派的画家在荷兰的黄金时代。他是当代荷兰大师扬维米尔,他的工作与他们共同的主题和风格。 出生在鹿特丹德Hooch亨德里克Hendricksz DE Hooch,瓦工,和Annetge彼得,一个助产士。他的五个孩子中的老大,活得比他的兄弟姐妹。他曾在哈勒姆下的风景画家的艺术,Nicolaes Berchem。于1650年开始,他曾作为一个画家和亚麻商人,并命名为贾斯特斯DE拉格兰奇艺术收藏家的仆人。他对商家的服务要求他陪他到海牙,莱顿,代尔夫特,他最终搬到他的旅行。它可能是DE Hooch交给他的作品拉格兰奇,在这一时期在交换板及其他福利,因为这是画家一个共同的商业安排,在当时和以后拍摄的库存,拥有...
[Biography - Pieter de Hooch - 2Ko]
Pieter de Hooch (20 de dezembro de 1629 (batizados) - 24 março de 1684 (enterrado)) foi um pintor de gênero durante a Idade de Ouro Holandesa. Ele foi contemporâneo de Mestre holandês Jan Vermeer, com quem o seu trabalho compartilhado temas e estilo. Hooch nasceu em Roterdão para Hendrick Hooch Hendricksz, um pedreiro, e Pieters Annetge, uma partei...
[Biography - Pieter de Hooch - 4Ko]
ピーテルデホーホ(1629年12月20日(洗礼) - 1684年3月24日は、(埋葬))オランダの黄金時代に風俗画家だった。彼は彼の作品はテーマとスタイルを共有した、オランダのマスターヤンフェルメールの現代的だった。 デホーホはヘンHendrickszデホーホ、職人、そしてAnnetgeピータース、助産師にロッテルダムで生まれた。彼は5人の子供の長男であり、彼の兄弟のすべてを長生き。彼は、風景画家の下ハーレムでNicolaes Berchemの芸術を学んだ。 1650年に始まる、彼はユストゥスデラグランジというリネンの商人とアートコレクターのための画家と使用人として働いていました。商人のための彼のサービスでは、彼が最終的に移動するハーグ、ライデン、とデルフト、に彼の旅に同行する必要があります...
[Biography - Pieter de Hooch - 2Ko]


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Woman Reading a Letter, Oil On Canvas by Pieter De Hooch (1629-1684, Netherlands)
Pieter De Hooch
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