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Pidgeon Hole. A Convent Garden Contrivance to Coop up the Gods by Thomas Rowlandson (1756-1827, United Kingdom)

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Framed Giclee Fine Art Thomas Rowlandson , Oil Painting Fine Art Thomas Rowlandson
Pidgeon Hole. A Convent Garden Contrivance to Coop up the Gods by Thomas Rowlandson (1756-1827, United Kingdom)
Framed Giclee Fine Art Thomas Rowlandson , Oil Painting Fine Art Thomas Rowlandson

"Pidgeon Hole. A Convent Garden Contrivance to Coop up the Gods"

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Thomas Rowlandson (13 July 1756 – 21 April 1827) was an English artist and caricaturist.

Rowlandson was born in Old Jewry, in the City of London. His father, William, had been a weaver, but had moved into trading supplies for the textile industry and after overextending himself was declared bankrupt in 1759. Life became difficult for him in London and, in late 1759, he moved his family to Richmond, North Yorkshire. Thomas' uncle James died in 1764, and his widow Jane probably provided both the funds and accommodation which allowed Thomas to attend school in London; in 1765 or 1766 he started at the Soho Academy. There is no documentary evidence that Rowlandson took drawing classes at the mainly business-oriented school, but it seems likely, as on leaving school in 1772, he became a student at the Royal Academy. Rowlandson spent six years studying at the Royal Academy, but about a third of this time was spent in Paris where he may have studied under Jean-Baptiste Pigalle. He later made frequent tours to the Continent, enriching his portfolios with numerous sketches of life and character. In 1775 he exhibited a drawing of Dalilah Payeth Sampson a Visit while in Prison at Gaza at the Royal Academy and two years later received a silver medal for a bas-relief figure. He was spoken of as a promising student; had he continued his early application he would have made his mark as a painter. On the death of his aunt, he inherited £7,000 with which he plunged into the dissipations of the town and was known to sit at the gaming-table for 36 hours at a stretch.

In time poverty overtook him; and the friendship and examples of James Gillray and Henry William Bunbury seem to have suggested caricature as a means of earning a living. His drawing of Vauxhall, shown in the Royal Academy exhibition of 1784, had been engraved by Pollard, and the print was a success. Rowlandson was largely employed by Rudolph Ackermann, the art publisher, who in 1809—issued in his Poetical Magazine The Schoolmaster’s Tour—a series of plates with illustrative verses by Dr. William Combe. They were the most popular of the artist’s works. Again engraved by Rowlandson himself in 1812, and issued under the title of the Tour of Dr Syntax in Search of the Picturesque, they had attained a fifth edition by 1813, and were followed in 1820 by Dr Syntax in Search of Consolation, and in 1821 by the Third Tour of Dr Syntax in Search of a Wife. He also produced a body of erotic prints and woodcuts.

The same collaboration of designer, author and publisher appeared in the English Dance of Death, issued in 1814–16 and in the Dance of Life, 1817. Rowlandson also illustrated Smollett, Goldsmith and Sterne, and his designs will be found in The Spirit of the Public Journals (1825), The English Spy (1825), and The Humorist (1831). He died in London, after a prolonged illness, on 21 April 1827.

Rowlandson’s designs were usually done in outline with the reed-pen, and delicately washed with colour. They were then etched by the artist on the copper, and afterwards aquatinted—usually by a professional engraver, the impressions being finally coloured by hand. As a designer he was characterized by his facility and ease of draughtsmanship. He dealt less frequently with politics than his fierce contemporary, Gillray, but commonly touching, in a rather gentle spirit, the various aspects and incidents of social life. His most artistic work is to be found among the more careful drawings of his earlier period; but even among the exaggerated caricature of his later time we find hints that this master of the humorous might have attained to the beautiful had he so willed.

His work included a personification of the United Kingdom named John Bull who was developed from about 1790 in conjunction with other British satirical artists such as Gillray and George Cruikshank.
[Biography - Thomas Rowlandson - 5Ko]
Thomas Rowlandson (13 Juillet 1756 à 1721 Avril 1827) était un artiste anglais et caricaturiste. Rowlandson est né à Old Jewry, dans la ville de Londres. Son père, William, avait été un tisserand, mais avait déménagé dans les approvisionnements commerciaux pour l'industrie textile et après étendre démesurément lui a été déclarée en faillite en 1759...
[Biography - Thomas Rowlandson - 6Ko]
Thomas Rowlandson (13. Juli 1756 - 21. April 1827) war ein englischer Maler und Karikaturist. Rowlandson wurde im alten Judentum geboren, in der City of London. Sein Vater, William, war ein Weber, hatte aber in den Handel liefert für die Textilindustrie bewegt und nach einer überdehnung selbst insolvent erklärt wurde im Jahre 1759. Das Leben wurde ...
[Biography - Thomas Rowlandson - 6Ko]
Thomas Rowlandson (13 luglio 1756 - 21 aprile 1827) è stato un artista inglese e caricaturista. Rowlandson è nato a ebrei Vecchio, nella City di Londra. Suo padre, William, era stato un tessitore, ma si era trasferito nei rifornimenti commerciali per l'industria tessile e dopo oltrecorsa stesso fu dichiarata fallita nel 1759. La vita è diventata di...
[Biography - Thomas Rowlandson - 5Ko]
Thomas Rowlandson (13 julio 1756 hasta 21 abril 1827) fue un artista y caricaturista Inglés. Rowlandson nació en Judería Vieja, en la ciudad de Londres. Su padre, William, había sido un tejedor, pero se había trasladado a los suministros comerciales para la industria textil y después de extender demasiado a sí mismo se declaró en bancarrota en 1759...
[Biography - Thomas Rowlandson - 6Ko]
Томас Роулендсон (13 июля 1756 - 21 апреля 1827), английский художник и карикатурист. Роулендсон родился в Старом еврейства, в лондонском Сити. Его отец, Уильям, был ткачом, но переехали в торговый материалов для текстильной промышленности, а после перенапряжения сам был объявлен банкротом в 1759 году. Жизнь стала трудной для него в Лондоне, а в ко...
[Biography - Thomas Rowlandson - 5Ko]
托马斯罗兰森(7月13日,1756 - 21 1827年4月)是英国的艺术家和漫画家。 罗兰森出生在旧的犹太人,在伦敦金融城。 他的父亲,威廉一直织布,但已转移到纺织行业的贸易用品和自己力不从心后在1759年宣布破产。 他在伦敦的生活变得困难,并在1759年底,他举家搬到了里士满,北约克郡。 托马斯的叔叔詹姆斯在1764年去世,他的遗孀简可能提供的资金和住宿,这让托马斯在伦敦出席学校,在1765或1766,他开始在苏荷学院。 有没有书面证据,罗兰森了绘画班的主要业务为导向的学校,但它似乎在1772年离开学校,他成为了一个在皇家艺术学院的学生。 罗兰森花了6年,在皇家艺术学院学习,但有关这段时间的三分之一是在巴黎度过的,他可能已经在让 - 巴蒂斯特皮嘉尔研究。 后来他经常到大陆旅游,他的投资组...
[Biography - Thomas Rowlandson - 7Ko]
Thomas Rowlandson (13 de julho, 1756 - 21 Abril 1827) foi um artista Inglês e caricaturista. Rowlandson nasceu em Judiaria Velha, na cidade de Londres. Seu pai, William, tinha sido um tecelão, mas haviam se mudado para abastecimento de comércio para a indústria têxtil e após uso abusivo do mesmo foi declarada falida em 1759. A vida se tornou difíci...
[Biography - Thomas Rowlandson - 6Ko]
トーマス· ローランドソンは(1756年7月13日 - 1827年4月21日)英語のアーティスト、漫画家であった。 ローランドは、ロンドンのシティでは、旧ユダヤ人に生まれました。彼の父、ウィリアムは、ウィーバーだったが、繊維産業の取引供給に移動していたとoverextendingた後、自身が1759年に破産宣告されました。人生はロンドンで彼のために困難になったと、後半に1759年に、彼はリッチモンド、ノースヨークシャー州に彼の家族に移動しました。トーマスの叔父ジェームズは1764年に亡くなり、彼の未亡人ジェーンは、おそらくトーマスロンドンで学校に通うことができ資金と施設の両方を提供し、1765年または1766年に彼はソーホーアカデミーで始めました。 1772年に学校を離れる際に、...
[Biography - Thomas Rowlandson - 3Ko]


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Pidgeon Hole. A Convent Garden Contrivance to Coop up the Gods by Thomas Rowlandson (1756-1827, United Kingdom)
Thomas Rowlandson
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