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Italian Woman Blowing a Kiss, Wash by Karl Pavlovich Bryullov (1799-1852, Russia)

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Art Reproduction Fine Art Italian Woman Blowing A Kiss - Wash By Karl Pavlovich Bryullov , Art Reproduction Fine Art Italian Woman Blowing A Kiss - Wash By Karl Pavlovich Bryullov
Italian Woman Blowing a Kiss, Wash by Karl Pavlovich Bryullov (1799-1852, Russia)
Art Reproduction Fine Art Italian Woman Blowing A Kiss - Wash By Karl Pavlovich Bryullov , Art Reproduction Fine Art Italian Woman Blowing A Kiss - Wash By Karl Pavlovich Bryullov

"Italian Woman Blowing a Kiss"

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Karl Pavlovich Bryullov (12 December 1799 - 11 June 1852), also transliterated Briullov or Briuloff and referred to by his friends as "The Great Karl", was a Russian painter. He is regarded as a key figure in transition from the Russian neoclassicism to romanticism.

Karl Bryullov was born on December, 12th (23), 1799 in St.-Petersburg, in a family of the academician, the woodcarver and engraver Pavel Ivanovich Briullo (Brulleau, 1760—1833).He felt drawn to Italy from his early years. Despite his education at the Imperial Academy of Arts (1809–1821), Bryullov never fully embraced the classical style taught by his mentors and promoted by his brother, Alexander Bryullov. After distinguishing himself as a promising and imaginative student and finishing his education, he left Russia for Rome where he worked until 1835 as a portraitist and genre painter, though his fame as an artist came when he began doing historical painting.

His best-known work, The Last Day of Pompeii (1830–1833), is a vast composition compared by Pushkin and Gogol to the best works of Rubens and Van Dyck. It created a sensation in Italy and established Briullov as one of the finest European painters of his day. After completing this work, he triumphantly returned to the Russian capital, where he made many friends among the aristocracy and intellectual elite and obtained a high post in the Imperial Academy of Arts.

An anecdote concerning Briullov appeared in Leo Tolstoy's essay "Why Do Men Stupefy Themselves?".

While teaching at the academy (1836–1848) he developed a portrait style which combined a neoclassical simplicity with a romantic tendency that fused well, and his penchant for realism was satisfied with an intriguing level of psychological penetration. While he was working on the plafond of St Isaac's Cathedral, his health suddenly deteriorated. Following advice of his doctors, Briullov left Russia for Madeira in 1849 and spent the last three years of his life in Italy. He died in the village of Marciano near Rome and is buried at the Cimitero degli Inglesi there.
[Biography - Karl Pavlovich Bryullov - 3Ko]
Karl Pavlovitch Bryullov (12 Décembre 1799 à 1711 Juin 1852), également translittéré Briullov ou Briuloff et renvoyé par ses amis comme «le grand Karl", est un peintre russe. Il est considéré comme un personnage clé dans la transition du néoclassicisme au romantisme russe. Karl Bryullov est né le Décembre, 12e (23), 1799 à Saint-Pétersbourg, dans u...
[Biography - Karl Pavlovich Bryullov - 4Ko]
Karl Pawlowitsch Bryullov (12. Dezember 1799 - 11. Juni 1852), auch Brüllow oder Briuloff transliteriert und nach von seinen Freunden als "The Great Karl", war ein russischer Maler. Er gilt als eine Schlüsselfigur im übergang von der russischen Klassizismus zur Romantik angesehen. Karl Bryullov wurde am Dezember 12. (23), 1799 in St.-Petersburg geb...
[Biography - Karl Pavlovich Bryullov - 3Ko]
Karl Pavlovich Bryullov (12 Dicembre 1799 - 11 giugno 1852), anche traslitterato Briullov o Briuloff e di cui dai suoi amici come "Il grande Karl", era un pittore russo. Egli è considerato una figura chiave nella transizione dal neoclassicismo al romanticismo russo. Karl Bryullov è nato il 12 Dicembre (23), 1799 a San Pietroburgo, in una famiglia d...
[Biography - Karl Pavlovich Bryullov - 3Ko]
Karl Pavlovich Bryullov (12 diciembre 1799-11 junio 1852), también transcrito Briullov o Briuloff y se refirió a sus amigos como "el gran Karl", fue un pintor ruso. él es considerado como una figura clave en la transición del neoclasicismo al romanticismo ruso. Karl Bryullov nació en Diciembre, 12 (23) de 1799 en San Petersburgo, en una familia del...
[Biography - Karl Pavlovich Bryullov - 4Ko]
Карл Па́влович Брюлло́в (12 декабря 1799, Санкт-Петербург — 11 июня 1852, Манциана, Италия) — русский художник, живописец, монументалист, акварелист, рисовальщик, представитель академизма. Член Миланской и Пармской академий, Академии Святого Луки в Риме, профессор Петербургской и Флорентийской академий художеств, почетный вольный сообщник Парижской...
[Biography - Karl Pavlovich Bryullov - 6Ko]
カール・パヴロヴィチ・ブリューロフ (Karl Pavlovich Briullov ,ロシア語: Карл Павлович Брюллов, 1799年12月12日(グレゴリオ暦12月23日) - 1852年6月11日(グレゴリオ暦6月23日))は、ロシアの画家。友人たちから『偉大なカール』と呼ばれた。国際的な名声を得たロシア初の画家である。彼はロシアの新古典主義からロマン主義にかけての過渡期の重要人物とされている。 ブリューロフは、フランス人の両親の元にサンクトペテルブルクで、カルロ・ブリュロー(Carlo Brulleau)として生まれた(この名前は1822年まで名乗っていた)。幼年時代からイタリアへ絵を描きに行きたいと思っていた。1809年から1821年まで帝立芸術アカデミーで教育...
[Biography - Karl Pavlovich Bryullov - 2Ko]


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Italian Woman Blowing a Kiss, Wash by Karl Pavlovich Bryullov (1799-1852, Russia)
Karl Pavlovich Bryullov
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