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The Kiss (Silhouette), 1906 by Konstantin Somov (1869-1939, Russia)

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Painting Copy Fine Art The Kiss , Painting Copy Fine Art The Kiss
The Kiss (Silhouette), 1906 by Konstantin Somov (1869-1939, Russia)
Painting Copy Fine Art The Kiss , Painting Copy Fine Art The Kiss

"The Kiss (Silhouette)"

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Konstantin Andreyevich Somov (Russian: Константин Андреевич Сомов, November 30, 1869 — May 6, 1939) was a Russian artist associated with the Mir iskusstva. Born into a family of a major art historian and Hermitage Museum curator Andrey Ivanovich Somov, he became interested in the 18th century art and music at an early age.

Somov studied at the Imperial Academy of Arts under Ilya Repin from 1888 to 1897. While at the Academy, he befriended Alexandre Benois, who would introduce him to Sergei Diaghilev and Leon Bakst. When the three founded the World of Art, Somov liberally contributed to its periodicals. Somov was homosexual, like many of the World of Art members.

Inspired by Watteau and Fragonard, he preferred to work with watercolours and gouache. For three years he worked upon his masterpiece, Lady in Blue, painted in the manner of 18th-century portraitists.

During the 1910s, Somov executed a number of rococo harlequin scenes and illustrations to the poems by Alexander Blok. Many of his works were exihibited abroad, especially in Germany, where the first monograph on him was published in 1909.

Following the Russian Revolution, he emigrated to the United States, but found the country "absolutely alien to his art" and moved to Paris. He was buried at the Sainte-Geneviève-des-Bois Cemetery.

On June 14, 2007, Somov's landscape "The Rainbow" (1927) was sold at Christie's for US$7.33 million, a record for a work at an auction of Russian art.

[Biography - Konstantin Somov - 2Ko]
Constantin Andreïevitch Somov (en russe : Константин Андреевич Сомов), né le 30 novembre 1869 à Saint-Pétersbourg et mort le 6 mai 1939 à Paris, est un peintre symboliste russe. Né d'un père historien de l'art et conservateur au musée de l'Ermitage, il s'intéresse très tôt à l'art et à la musique du XVIIIe siècle. Entre 1888 et 1897, il étudie la p...
[Biography - Konstantin Somov - 3Ko]
Konstantin Andrejewitsch Somow (russisch Константин Андреевич Сомов * 18. Novemberjul./ 30. November 1869greg. in Sankt Petersburg † 6. Mai 1939 in Paris) war ein russischer Maler und Grafiker. Geboren als Sohn eines Kunstwissenschaftlers wuchs er in Sankt Petersburg auf. In der Zeit von 1888 bis 1897 studierte er an der Petersburger Kunstakademi...
[Biography - Konstantin Somov - 2Ko]
Konstantin Andreyevich Somov (en ruso Константин Андреевич Сомов) (San Petersburgo, 30 de noviembre de 1869 - París, 6 de mayo de 1939) fue un pintor simbolista ruso. Su padre era historiador del arte y conservador en el Museo del Hermitage, lo que le llevó a interesarse desde muy joven en el arte y la música del siglo XVIII. Entre 1888 y 1897 estu...
[Biography - Konstantin Somov - 3Ko]
Константи́н Андре́евич Со́мов (30 ноября 1869, Санкт-Петербург — 6 мая 1939, Париж) — русский живописец и график, мастер портрета и пейзажа, иллюстратор, один из основателей общества «Мир искусства» и одноименного журнала. Сын искусствоведа и музейного деятеля А. И. Сомова. Константин Сомов родился 18 (30) ноября 1869 г. в Петербурге в семье Андрея...
[Biography - Konstantin Somov - 3Ko]
コンスタンチン・ソモフ(露語: Константин Андреевич Сомов / ラテン字母転写の例:Konstantin Andreyevich Somov, 1869年11月30日 — 1939年5月6日)はロシアの画家で「芸術世界」の同人。美術史研究者でエルミタージュ美術館の学芸員の家庭に生まれ、18世紀の西欧美術に早くから興味を持っていた。3年がかりの最高傑作「青衣の夫人」は、18世紀の肖像画家の手法で描かれている。 ペテルブルク帝国美術アカデミーにてイリヤ・レーピンに1888年から1897年まで師事。在学中にアレクサンドル・ベノワと親交を結び、その紹介でディアギレフやバクストの知遇を得る。この三者が『芸術世界』を創刊すると、ソモフはこの機関誌に任意で寄稿した。また他の同人の...
[Biography - Konstantin Somov - 2Ko]


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The Kiss (Silhouette), 1906 by Konstantin Somov (1869-1939, Russia)
Konstantin Somov
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