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WahooArt in your pocket WahooArt in your pocket
WahooArt in your pocket
WahooArt in your pocket WahooArt in your pocket WahooArt in your pocket
  Have some time to spare while you are sitting in the sun at an outdoor café, and missing doing the same on a street of Paris or a small village in France? Wondering what memorable gift to give to a loved one for that special occasion coming up?

It's time to pull out your iPhone or iPad, because with those Apple appliances you can order a stunning canvas print of an art masterpiece or an oil-painted replica of one, direct from the WahooArt.com website.

But, new technology being what it is, you need the right application software (called an app now by the computer-savvy) to drive you to the site with your little treasured Apple appliances. Use your café's free Wifi wireless internet connection to browse to the iTunes store (at http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/wahooart/id421616008).

There you can quickly download the small app program called WahooArt, only 2.7 megabytes in file size and available for free, and let it run on your iPad or iPhone. Then, lo and behold, you are in Paris, just by browsing through a smaller version of the WahooArt.com website, as shown in the screenshots here. The screens of the iPod and iPad may be small, but the famous Apple visual sharpness and clarity are there to let you enjoy the beautiful artwork of hundreds of artists, almost as well as you can in an art museum. Then, over your sunny coffee cup, you can place the order for that gift for your loved one that WahooArt will deliver to you anywhere in the world.

At your finger tip

Our WahooArt app lets you navigate through the whole history of world art with your finger tip. Just select art movements or periods , as seen listed below, that interest you to order prints of artwork made during that time.

Under the chapters for the art period, the artists are listed alphabetically, with good explanations of their dates and locations, while the artwork for which they are famous is shown in brilliant Apple visual detail.


With the flick of your index finger, beautiful paintings show themselves in a wonderful continuous slideshow, as seen here.



Read in more detail about the vibrant periods in which these priceless works were made, or about the artists who painted them as our site has summarized good historical and biographical information for you.



Then you can even see how your choice of fine print may look in the frame (as in the example below) that you can order, right from your café chair and through your very handy app, online from WahooArt.com.

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