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  • Paul Sandby - Woolwich from the Conduit Hill, the Thames estuary beyond
  • Paul Sandby - The Encampment in St James's Park
  • Paul Sandby - Cow­Girl in the Windsor Great Park
  • Paul Sandby - The garden front of Old Somerset House, London
  • Paul Sandby - The Iron Forge between Dolgelli and Barmouth
  • Paul Sandby - The Light Steps, Hastings
  • Paul Sandby - A horse
  • Paul Sandby - Part of the Old Bridge at Shrewsbury with two arches of the new one
  • Paul Sandby - Two of the artist's children with their nurse, seated in a garden
  • Paul Sandby - A shepherd driving his flock before a Scottish castle
  • Paul Sandby - Part of the Banqueting Hall of the Royal Palace at Eltham
  • Paul Sandby - The Cemetery Gate of St Augustine's Monastery Canterbury
  • Paul Sandby - Back of the Public House near Bayswater
  • Paul Sandby - Naval post with three soldiers
  • Paul Sandby - The Iron Forge between Dolgelli and Barmouth 1
  • Paul Sandby - A horse and cart leaving a harbour
  • Paul Sandby - View of Rackett Lodge, Wandsworth, London
  • Paul Sandby - Views of Windsor Castle
  • Paul Sandby - Rochester, Kent
  • Paul Sandby - Windsor Park
  • Paul Sandby - Man driving a donkey, and man leading a cart
  • Paul Sandby - An extensive wooded river landscape with an amorous couple making music under a tree
  • Paul Sandby - View down a valley towards distant buildings, trees in the foreground
  • Paul Sandby - An old grey horse tethered to a tree, a boy resting nearby
  • Paul Sandby - Italianate landscape with a figure in the foreground
  • Paul Sandby - A cottage by a river with figures in the foreground
  • Paul Sandby - Revellers at a party
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