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Water Lilies, Oil On Canvas by Claude Monet (1840-1926, France) (buy Framed Print/order Framed Giclee/order Print on canvas)

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Water Lilies, Oil On Canvas by Claude Monet  (buy Fine Art Framed Print Claude Monet/order Fine Art Framed Giclee Claude Monet/order Fine Art Print on canvas Claude Monet/order Fine Art Poster on canvas Claude Monet)
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Print on textured canvas

   10 "   
  Water Lilies, Oil On Canvas by Claude Monet  (buy Fine Art Framed Print Claude Monet/order Fine Art Framed Giclee Claude Monet/order Fine Art Print on canvas Claude Monet/order Fine Art Poster on canvas Claude Monet)  
10 " 

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The brushstrokes effect is an extra feature that adds even more realism to the giclee canvas print. The result is a rich textured relief similar to the one found in the original oil painting.

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Print on textured canvas
WahooArt use the latest printing technology to produce archival-quality textured cotton canvas prints that will give pleasure on your wall for a long time to come. Textured print gives to your painting reproduction a brushstroke/texture effect, which gives incredible look of a real oil canvas masterpiece.
WahooArt.com use only the most modern and efficient printing technology on our 100% cotton canvas 400Gsm, based on the Giclee printing procedure. This innovative high-resolution printing technique results in durable and spectacular looking prints of the highest quality. WahooArt.com only uses the highest quality inks, with extreme UV resistance. Your artwork will hold its beautiful colors for up to 75 years!
Textured print perfectly suits for Fine Art reproductions! WahooArt Team suggest to orderacrylic print for colorful,familly and modernphotos.

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 Claude Monet
Claude Monet was, perhaps, the most driven and influential of all of the Impressionists. When he was still little more than a boy, Monet began drawing caricatures which he sold for a nominal fee at the local art store. It was only after Monet’s work was praised by Boudin, a prominent artist at the time, that he heavily considered painting as a career. It wasn’t long after than Monet moved to Paris, the heart of the artistic world.
[Page - Claude Monet - 4Ko]
[Biography - Claude Monet - 1Ko]
"[...] il est le maître des couleurs, comme Victor Hugo est le maître des images. Hugo est un œil prodigieux Monet est un œil miraculeux. Quand on a regardé avec attention une série de tableaux de Claude Monet, on éprouve comme une peur il semble qu'on se trouve en présence des créations d'un dieu, et c'est vrai. Cette marine, qui révélera à un m...
[Page - Claude Monet - 7Ko]
Oscar-Claude Monet (14 novembre 1840 - 5 décembre 1926) dit Claude Monet est un peintre français lié au mouvement impressionniste. Biographie Monet Lisant par RenoirClaude Monet est né à Paris le 14 novembre 1840. Sa famille s'installe au Havre en Normandie l'année de ses cinq ans. En 1861-62, Monet sert dans l'armée en Algérie. Sa tante Lecadre ac...
[Biography - Claude Monet - 8Ko]
Commentaires de Huysmans à l'occasion du l'exposition de 1882 qui marque le retour de Monet qui exposait déjà depuis quelques années au Salon officiel, parmi le groupe des Impressionnistes. Extrait de L'Art moderne. M. Monet a longtemps bafouillé, lâchant de courtes improvisations, bâclant des bouts de paysages, d'aigres salades d'écorces d'orange,...
[Page - Claude Monet - 5Ko]
Claude Monet (* 14. November 1840 in Paris &dagger 5. Dezember 1926 in Giverny, auch Oscar-Claude Monet oder Claude Oscar Monet) war ein französischer Maler, dessen mittlere Schaffensperiode der Stilrichtung des Impressionismus zugeordnet wird. Das Frühwerk bis zur Mitte der 1860er-Jahre umfasste realistische Bilder, von denen Monet einige im Par...
[Biography - Claude Monet - 16Ko]
Claude Oscar Monet (Parigi, 14 novembre 1840 - Giverny, 6 dicembre 1926) è stato un pittore francese, tra i maggiori esponenti dell'Impressionismo. La formazione artistica Nasce a Parigi, in rue Laffitte 45-47 secondo figlio di Claude Auguste, proprietario di una drogheria, e di Louise Justine Aubry. La famiglia Monet si trasferisce nel 1845 a Le H...
[Biography - Claude Monet - 1Ko]
Claude-Oscar Monet (París, Francia, 14 de noviembre de 1840 - Giverny, 5 de diciembre de 1926). Su padre se llamaba Claude Adolphe Monet y su madre Louise Justine Aubrée, siendo el segundo hijo del matrimonio. Los problemas económicos que atravesaba el padre del futuro artista motivaron el traslado a Le Havre, ya que allí podía participar en el pró...
[Biography - Claude Monet - 12Ko]
Клод Моне (французское произношение:), также известный как Оскар Клод Моне или Клод Оскар Моне (14 ноября 1840 - 5 декабря 1926) был одним из основателей французского импрессиониста живописи, и самым последовательным и плодовитым практиком философии движения выражения восприятия человека перед природу, особенно в применении к пленэрной пейзажной жи...
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克劳德莫奈(法语发音:)也称为奥斯卡克劳德莫奈或克劳德奥斯卡莫奈(14年11月1840年 - 5 1926年12月)一个法国印象派绘画的创始人,和对运动的表达自己的看法之前哲学的最一致的和多产的医生性质,特别是适用于plein空气山水画。长期印象是来自他的画印象的标题,日出(印象中,旭日东升)。 早期的生活 莫奈出生于1840年11月14日的45街拉菲特五楼,在巴黎第九郡。他是第二个儿子克劳德阿道夫莫奈和路易丝海宁Aubrée莫奈,其中第二代的巴黎人。 1841年5月20日,他受洗在当地教区教堂,巴黎圣母院,Lorette,奥斯卡克劳德。 1845年,举家搬迁到在诺曼底的勒阿弗尔。他的父亲希望他去到家庭杂货店业务,但莫奈则想成为一名艺术家。他的母亲是一名歌手。 莫奈在1851年4月的第一个,...
[Biography - Claude Monet - 1Ko]
Claude Monet (pronúncia francesa:) também conhecido como Oscar Claude Monet ou Oscar Claude Monet (14 de novembro, 1840 - 5 de Dezembro de 1926) foi um dos fundadores da pintura impressionista francesa, eo praticante mais consistente e prolífico da filosofia do movimento de expressar suas percepções antes natureza, especialmente quando aplicado a p...
[Biography - Claude Monet - 1Ko]
Oscar-Claude Monet (Paris, 14 de novembro de 1840 — Giverny, 5 de dezembro de 1926) foi um pintor francês e o mais célebre entre os pintores impressionistas. O termo impressionismo surgiu devido a um dos primeiros quadros de Monet, Impressão, nascer do sol", quando de uma crítica feita ao quadro pelo pintor e escritor Louis Leroy: "Impressão, nasce...
[Biography - Claude Monet - 8Ko]
クロードモネ(フランス語の発音:)もオスカークロードモネまたはクロードオスカーモネ(1840年11月14日 - 1926年12月5日)として知られる、フランスの印象派の絵画の創始者、そして前に1つの認識を表現する運動の哲学の最も一貫して多作開業医だった自然、特に外光派の風景画に適用されるように。用語の印象派は、彼の絵の印象のタイトル、サンライズ(インプレッション、ソレイユレバント)から派生しています。 初期の人生 クロードモネは、パリの第九区に、45通りのラフィットの5階に1840年11月14日に生まれました。彼はクロードアドルフモネとルイーズジャスティンAubréeモネ、それらの両方の第二世代のパリジャンの次男だった。 1841年5月20日に、彼はオスカークロードとして地元の教区教会、ノー...
[Biography - Claude Monet - 1Ko]

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PrintsOnCanvas [{A-8EWENT}]-Dim(10 x 10 inches (25 x 25 cm))-FRAME(MirrorWrap)-Shipping(Slow)-GlossyTextured-DC(HMVTHR)-Claude Monet-Water Lilies
Water Lilies (or Nymphéas, pronounced: [nɛ̃.fe.a]) is a series of approximately 250 oil paintings by French Impressionist Claude Monet (1840–1926). The paintings depict Monet's flower garden at Giverny and were the main focus of Monet's artistic production during the last thirty years of his life. Many of the works were painted while Monet suffered from cataracts.[/br] The paintings are on display at museums all over the world, including the Musée Marmottan Monet and the musée d'Orsay in Paris, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the Art Institute of Chicago, the Saint Louis Art Museum, the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City, Missouri, the Carnegie Museum of Art, the National Museum of Wales, the Musée des Beaux-Arts de Nantes, the Cleveland Museum of Art and the Portland Art Museum. During the 1920s, the state of France built a pair of oval rooms at the Musée de l'Orangerie as a permanent home for eight water lily murals by Monet. The exhibit opened to the public on 16 May 1927, a few months after Monet's death. Sixty water lily paintings from around the world were assembled for a special exhibition at the Musée de l'Orangerie in 1999.[/br] On 19 June 2007, one of Monet's water lily paintings sold for £18.5 million at a Sotheby's auction in London. On 24 June 2008 another of Monet's water lily paintings, Le bassin aux nymphéas, sold for almost £41 million at Christie's in London, almost double the estimate of £18 to £24 million.[/br] Monet's career long serial motif of producing and exhibiting a series of paintings related by subject and perspective began in 1889, with at least ten paintings done at the Valley of the Creuse, which were shown at the Galerie Georges Petit. Among his other famous series are his Haystacks.
Claude Monet
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