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The Son of Man, Oil On Canvas by Rene Magritte (1898-1967, Belgium) (buy Art reproduction/order painting copy/order oil painting)

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The Son of Man, Oil On Canvas by Rene Magritte  (buy Fine Art Art reproduction Rene Magritte/order Fine Art painting copy Rene Magritte/order Fine Art oil painting Rene Magritte/order Fine Art Hand Painted Oil Painting Rene Magritte)
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Hand made oil painting

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  The Son of Man, Oil On Canvas by Rene Magritte  (buy Fine Art Art reproduction Rene Magritte/order Fine Art painting copy Rene Magritte/order Fine Art oil painting Rene Magritte/order Fine Art Hand Painted Oil Painting Rene Magritte)  
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  • Rene Magritte-The Son of Man
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René François Ghislain Magritte

(21 November 1898 – 15 August 1967) was a Belgian surrealist artist. He became well known for a number of witty and thought-provoking images. His intended goal for his work was to challenge observers' preconditioned perceptions of reality and force viewers to become hypersensitive to their surroundings.

Magritte was born in Lessines, in the province of Hainaut, in 1898, the eldest son of Léopold Magritte, who was a tailor and textile merchant, and Régina (née Bertinchamps), a milliner until her marriage. Little is known about Magritte's early life. He began lessons in drawing in 1910. On 12 March 1912, his mother committed suicide by drowning herself in the River Sambre. This was not her first attempt; she had made many over a number of years, driving her husband Léopold to lock her into her bedroom. One day she escaped, and was missing for days. She was later discovered a mile or so down the river, dead. According to a legend, 13 year old Magritte was present when her body was retrieved from the water, but recent research has discredited this story, which may have originated with the family nurse. The image of his mother floating, her dress obscuring her face, may have influenced a 1927–1928 series of paintings of people with cloth obscuring their faces, including Les Amants, but Magritte disliked this explanation.

Magritte's earliest paintings, which date from about 1915, were Impressionistic in style. From 1916 to 1918 he studied at the Académie Royale des Beaux-Arts in Brussels, but found the instruction uninspiring. The paintings he produced during the years 1918–1924 were influenced by Futurism and by the offshoot of Cubism practiced by Metzinger. Most of his works of this period are female nudes.

In 1922 Magritte married Georgette Berger, whom he had met as a child in 1913. Before they were married, Magritte went overseas to serve in the Belgian infantry in Leopoldsberg, Austria, and Antwerp, Belgium from 1921 to the first half of 1922. He worked as a draughtsman in a wallpaper factory, and was a poster and advertisement designer until 1926, when a contract with Galerie la Centaure in Brussels made it possible for him to paint full-time. In 1926, Magritte produced his first surreal painting, The Lost Jockey (Le jockey perdu), and held his first exhibition in Brussels in 1927. Critics heaped abuse on the exhibition. Depressed by the failure, he moved to Paris where he became friends with André Breton, and became involved in the surrealist group.

Galerie la Centaure closed at the end of 1929, ending Magritte's contract income. Having made little impact in Paris, Magritte returned to Brussels in 1930 and resumed working in advertising. He and his brother, Paul, formed an agency which earned him a living wage.

Surrealist patron Edward James allowed Magritte, in the early stages of his career, to stay rent free in his London home and paint. James is featured in two of Magritte's pieces, Le Principe du Plaisir (The Pleasure Principle) and La Reproduction Interdite.

During the German occupation of Belgium in World War II he remained in Brussels, which led to a break with Breton. He briefly adopted a colorful, painterly style in 1943–44, an interlude known as his "Renoir Period", as a reaction to his feelings of alienation and abandonment that came with living in German occupied Belgium. In 1946, renouncing the violence and pessimism of his earlier work, he joined several other Belgian artists in signing the manifesto Surrealism in Full Sunlight. During 1947–48—Magritte's "Vache Period"—he painted in a provocative and crude Fauve style. During this time, Magritte supported himself through the production of fake Picassos, Braques and Chiricos—a fraudulent repertoire he was later to expand into the printing of forged banknotes during the lean postwar period. This venture was undertaken alongside his brother Paul Magritte and fellow Surrealist and 'surrogate son' Marcel Marien, to whom had fallen the task of selling the forgeries. At the end of 1948, he returned to the style and themes of his prewar surrealistic art.

His work was exhibited in the United States in New York in 1936 and again in that city in two retrospective exhibitions, one at the Museum of Modern Art in 1965, and the other at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 1992.

Magritte died of pancreatic cancer on 15 August 1967 in his own bed, and was interred in Schaarbeek Cemetery, Brussels.

Popular interest in Magritte's work rose considerably in the 1960s, and his imagery has influenced pop, minimalist and conceptual art. In 2005 he came 9th in the Walloon version of De Grootste Belg (The Greatest Belgian); in the Flemish version he was 18th.

The Magritte Museum opened to the public on 30 May, 2009 in Brussels. Housed in the neo-classical Hotel Altenloh, on the Place Royale, it houses some 250 original Magritte works.

[Biography - Rene Magritte - 7Ko]
René François Ghislain Magritte, né le 21 novembre 1898 à Lessines en Belgique, dans le Hainaut, et mort à Bruxelles le 15 août 1967, était un peintre surréaliste belge. Biographie Enfance René Magritte est le fils de Léopold Magritte, tailleur, et d'Adeline Bertinchamps, modiste. La famille s'installe en 1900 à Gilly, où naissent ses deux frères R...
[Biography - Rene Magritte - 1Ko]
René François Ghislain Magritte (* 21. November 1898 in Lessines in der wallonischen Provinz Hennegau, Belgien &dagger 15. August 1967 in Brüssel) war ein belgischer Maler des Surrealismus. René Magritte hatte zwei Brüder, Raymond, 1900 geboren, und Paul, 1902 geboren. 1910 zog die Familie Magrittes nach Châtelet, wo René Magritte im Alter von zw...
[Biography - Rene Magritte - 12Ko]
René François Ghislain Magritte (Lessines, 21 novembre 1898 - Bruxelles, 15 agosto 1967) è stato un pittore belga. Insieme a Paul Delvaux è considerato il maggiore esponente del Surrealismo in Belgio, e uno dei più originali esponenti europei dell'intero movimento. Dopo inizi vicini al Cubismo ed al Futurismo, il suo stile s'incentrò su una tecnica...
[Biography - Rene Magritte - 10Ko]
René François Ghislain Magritte (n. 21 de noviembre de 1898, en Lessines, Bélgica - 15 de agosto de 1967, en Bruselas, Bélgica) fue un pintor surrealista belga. Conocido por sus ingeniosas y provocativas imágenes, pretendía con su trabajo cambiar la percepción precondicionada de la realidad y forzar al observador a hacerse hipersensitivo a su entor...
[Biography - Rene Magritte - 6Ko]
Рене́ Франсуа́ Гисле́н Магри́тт (фр. René François Ghislain Magritte, 1898—1967) — бельгийский художник-сюрреалист. Известен как автор остроумных и вместе с тем поэтически загадочных картин. Магритт родился 21 ноября 1898 г. в маленьком городке Лессине, в Бельгии. Детство и юность провёл в небольшом промышленном городе Шарлеруа. Жизнь была тяжёлой....
[Biography - Rene Magritte - 6Ko]
勒內·弗朗索瓦·吉兰·馬格里特(René François Ghislain Magritte,1898年11月21日-1967年8月15日)是比利時的超現實主義畫家,畫風帶有明顯的符號語言,如《戴黑帽的男人》。他影響了今日許多插畫風格。 他出生於埃諾省萊西納,是裁縫父親利奥波德·馬格里特(Léopold Magritte)的長子,母親則做女帽的銷售。童年時常常搬家,10歲時就開始學畫,1912年母親投河(桑布爾河)自殺,原因不明。當其母親的屍體被撈上來時,他當時在場,母親浮屍時被衣飾覆蓋著臉部在他腦海中留下深刻印象,這令他在1927年至1928年所的畫的人物也是被衣布覆蓋著臉孔,包括《愛人》(Les Amants),但他本人並不喜歡這個解釋。他青年時在布魯塞爾的比利时皇家美术学院就學兩年,...
[Biography - Rene Magritte - 2Ko]
René François Ghislain Magritte (Lessines, 21 de Novembro de 1898 ― Bruxelas, 15 de Agosto de 1967) foi um dos principais artistas surrealistas belgas, ao lado de Paul Delvaux. Magritte nasceu em Lessines, Bélgica, no dia 21 de Novembro de 1898, filho caçula de Léopold Magritte. Em 1912 sua mãe, Régina, cometeu suicídio por afogamento no rio Sambre...
[Biography - Rene Magritte - 4Ko]
ルネ・フランソワ・ギスラン・マグリット (René François Ghislain Magritte, 1898年11月21日 -1967年8月15日) はベルギーのシュルレアリスムの画家。 マグリットは、20世紀美術のもっとも重要な運動の一つであるシュルレアリスムを代表する画家である。マグリットの作品においては事物の形象はきわめて明確に表現され、筆触をほとんど残さない古典的ともいえる描法で丁寧な仕上げがほどこされている。しかし、その画面に表現されているのは、空中に浮かぶ岩、鳥の形に切り抜かれた空、指の生えた靴といった不可思議なイメージであり、それらの絵に付けられた不可思議な題名ともども、絵の前に立つ者を戸惑わせ、考え込ませずにはいられない。 マグリットの絵画は、画家自身の言葉によれば、...
[Biography - Rene Magritte - 3Ko]


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OilPainting [{A-8XYU67}]-PROMOTION(HMVTHR)-Linen-Dim(22 x 29 inch (56 x 74 cm))-Rene Magritte-The Son of Man
The Son of Man (French: Le fils de l'homme) is a 1964 painting by the Belgian surrealist painter René Magritte. Magritte painted it as a self-portrait. The painting consists of a man in an overcoat and a bowler hat standing in front of a short wall, beyond which is the sea and a cloudy sky. The man's face is largely obscured by a hovering green apple. However, the man's eyes can be seen peeking over the edge of the apple. Another subtle feature is that the man's left arm appears to bend backwards at the elbow.[/br] About the painting, Magritte said: At least it hides the face partly. Well, so you have the apparent face, the apple, hiding the visible but hidden, the face of the person. It's something that happens constantly. Everything we see hides another thing, we always want to see what is hidden by what we see. There is an interest in that which is hidden and which the visible does not show us. This interest can take the form of a quite intense feeling, a sort of conflict, one might say, between the visible that is hidden and the visible that is present. [/br] The Son of Man resembles The Great War on Façades (La Grande Guerre Façades), another Magritte painting featuring similar imagery. Both feature a person standing in front of a wall overlooking the sea. The Great War on Façades, however, features a woman holding an umbrella, her face covered by a flower. There is also Man in the Bowler Hat, a similar painting where the man's face is obscured by a bird rather than an apple.[/br] The Son of Man is a prominent motif in the 1999 art heist remake of The Thomas Crown Affair. In this film, a copy of the painting is prominently displayed in the home of the protagonist. The love interest takes note of it as "the stereotypical faceless businessman". The protagonist of the film uses numerous accomplices, all dressed like the subject of the painting, to confuse the police while he enters the museum to apparently return the painting he stole earlier in the film. The bowler-hatted men all carry identical briefcases full of copies of The Son of Man.[/br] It is also referenced in the 2006 film Stranger Than Fiction, and in the 2009 indie film (500) Days of Summer by a bowler hat with a green apple on it in the female lead's apartment. In Gary Braunbeck's novel Keepers, the antagonist figures (the "Keepers" of the title) resemble the nattily-dressed, bowler-hatted figures of Magritte's painting. Also, in the opening scene of the book, the reference is directly made and explained to this resemblance because of an apple-scented car air freshener printed with the image of the painting hanging in the protagonist's car. In Araki Yasusada's 1994 novel The Dynamics of an Asteroid, the protagonist, Alice, is plagued by packages from an elusive character referred to as 'K', whose recurring motif is the distinctive apple from the painting.
Rene Magritte
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