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Echo and Narcissus, 1903 by John William Waterhouse (1849-1917, Italy) | Reproductions John William Waterhouse | WahooArt.com

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Echo and Narcissus, 1903 by John William Waterhouse (1849-1917, Italy) | Reproductions John William Waterhouse | WahooArt.com
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"Echo and Narcissus"

John William Waterhouse - Oil On Canvas - 236 x 107 cm - 1903 - (Walker Art Gallery (Liverpool, United Kingdom))

Dating back to 1903, John William’s Waterhouse’s painting “Echo and Narcissus” is an illustration based on the epic poem “Metamorphoses” as authored by Ovid. As a painter from England, his styles are often reminiscent of an era before Raphael’s influence came into prominence. However, if one were to be more accurate, “neo-classist” would be a better description for him. He drew heavily from classical themes of mythology. One of themes at work here is that of a “Femme Fatale”, a term denoting an immoral, deceitful and promiscuous woman. “Echo and Narcissus” falls under this realm of. Ovid tells this story with Narcissus as God Cephissus’ son, whose mother was an infamous nymph by the name “Liriope”. He was promised a great lifespan by his parents but he were to lose this virtue if he witnessed his own reflection. As a result, he denied the advances of all women who showed great interest in him. One of these women was the nymphet Echo. The goddess Nemesis responds to her wishes and makes Narcissus fall in love with his reflection. As a result, he passes away, leaving a flower to remember that place. “Echo and Narcissus” resides amongst the Walker Art Gallery’s Victorian collection. This Liverpool based museum bought the painting in 1903.

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