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Why Commission a Custom Portrait or Art Piece?

Why Commission a Custom Portrait or Art Piece? Why Commission a Custom Portrait or Art Piece?
Why Commission a Custom Portrait or Art Piece?
Why Commission a Custom Portrait or Art Piece? Why Commission a Custom Portrait or Art Piece? Why Commission a Custom Portrait or Art Piece?
  Why Commission a Custom Portrait or Art Piece?

Photography, digital photography and e-mail photo sharing have taken over the world. It has become the norm to send these to friends and family. So, the old-fashioned portrait painting has been placed on the back burner. In fact, most people have never seen a hand-painted oil portrait, and when they do, they realize the value of such a priceless item. When you want a portrait that is long-lasting, beautiful and an heirloom, then you want to consider a beautiful portrait executed by professional artists like those on staff at WahooArt.com

However, the process is not as simple as that. Although our artists do work from photographs, each artist has his own personal style, and color theory. Every one of our artists is experienced in creating authentic oil painting works of art, but he or she is specialized in working with only certain art masters. Thus acquiring the techniques, color use and paintbrush style for those masters. When you commission a portrait from one of our artists, you should decide and inform us of the style you want, whether it be realist, or impressionistic. Formal Portraiture

Some artists at WahooArt.com specialize in the very formal portrait. The one were the sitter is in a formal setting pounds strong dark colors are used. This type of portraiture is very formal and precise. Artists who specialize in realist techniques do well with this type of portrait work. Portraits made for the corporate environment often work well in this setting.


Informal Outdoor Settings

Informal portraits using outdoor setting, family environments or outdoor activities are often best painted by artists specializing in the Impressionists or expressionist painting techniques. The technique offers brighter colors and softer brushstrokes than those taken by realists. The solution is to look through our artists biographies to find the artist whose work you like best. You can choose several artists and then slowly narrow your choice down to one or two.

You also need to decide on the type of portrait you want and whether you want a single portrait, or a group portrait. Look at the area you plan on hanging the portrait in, or if this is to be a gift decide on the portrait size you want to give and the type of home the person you are giving the portrait to has. Determine whether you want this special portrait painting to be only at headshot, or head and shoulders, which includes head shoulders arms and waist. You can also choose a full figure portrait if this fits your needs best.

Portraits commissioned through authentic oil painting reproduction web sites like WahooArt.com are not as expensive as you might think. These can often be commissioned for just a few hundred dollars. Of course, the price will vary slightly depending on whether you're commissioning a single or group portrait and the size of the portrait you want.


Clothing in the Painting

Before you send us your digital images and choose the artist you want for the portraiture work, you should be aware of why you are wearing when you take the digital images. Remember, the artists will more than likely paint you in these clothes. Choose garments that are classic in style and that are in neutral colors like black, brown, tan, off-white, or in light colors. Stay away from garish or loud colors as these take away from the color and shape of your face.

You can best decide the type of clothing to wear based on the type of portrait you want. So, if you want a classical, realist’s portrait for work or home, then wear something classic and elegant. If you want a fun outdoor type of portrait then wear informal garments.


Choose Wisely

Before deciding on what type of portrait you want to commission from WahooArt.com, you need to ponder on what the portrait is being used for. For example is it going to be a Christmas gift? Is this or a portrait of grandchildren? Or simply something you want to leave as an heirloom gift? Is it a business portrait or a portrait of a couple to show their undying love for one another throughout the years? Whatever you are using the portrait for will determine the type of portrait and the style of portrait you want. Look at the decor where the portrait will be hung, whether this is your own or that of a friend or loved one. Look at the colors of the room and style that the person likes. Return to our masterpiece artwork database and look through the different styles of art work, to see what style best suits your portrait work. Choose from styles like realist, pop-art, animation, expressionism, impressionism, etc. The artist who takes on your art project will use those colors and that-style in painting your custom portrait. Print out samples of artwork you like. Put the prints up against the colors in the room. This will help you determine whether this style will fit in with the Décor and style of the home.

Once you've got an idea of the type of portrait you want. You know what the person should wear in the photo you send, and you have an idea of the style you want, then you can contact WahooArt.com and attach the photo you want painted. Once you are at this stage of your custom order process you can send us a message with the type of style you want, or call us with any questions you might have..

As these portraits are all hand-painted and no computer effects are used, they do take time. These paintings can take weeks to paint, depending on the size that you want to get. That being said, you can expect your finalized portrait work in about 3 weeks, longer if it has to be shipped to you. But the time spent on producing this portrait or custom art piece is well worth the wait. This will be that oil painting that everyone gazes at when they enter your home or office. This will always be the one of a kind piece that every family member will envy and want to take from you.


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