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Robert Delaunay et son œuvre

Robert Delaunay et son œuvre Robert Delaunay et son œuvre
Robert Delaunay et son œuvre
Robert Delaunay et son œuvre Robert Delaunay et son œuvre Robert Delaunay et son œuvre
  Robert Delaunay est un peintre français. Avec sa femme Sonia Delaunay et quelques autres, il est le fondateur et le principal artisan du mouvement orphisme, branche du cubisme et important mouvement d'avant-garde du début du XXe siècle.
     Delaunay is part of an avant-garde generation, particularly prolific artistically between 1912 and 1914. He is closely linked (in correspondence, in art, even in friendship) with the poets Guillaume Apollinaire and Blaise Cendrars, the painters Russian Vassily Kandinsky and Michel Larionov, German painters August Macke or Franz Marc, Slovak painter Geza Szobel.

     After the war, he befriended the artists of the surrealist movement, of whom he produced several portraits, without adopting their points of view and their artistic visions. He will notably have a strong and lasting friendship with the poet Tristan Tzara.

     His work on color takes for origin several theories of the law of simultaneous contrast of colors, formulated by Michel-Eugène Chevreul. By a work focused on the arrangement of colors on the canvas, he seeks pictorial harmony.

     His name is also associated with the Eiffel Tower, whose erection he saw when he was four years old, and which he painted many times in his career, using different methods, initially neo-impressionist. then cubist, and then with his simultanist method.

     Here http://bit.ly/1kdqYCh you can admire the art of Robert Delaunay  and order the painting if you like it. 


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