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Don majeur des oeuvres de James Wilson Morrice

Don majeur des oeuvres de James Wilson Morrice Don majeur des oeuvres de James Wilson Morrice
Don majeur des oeuvres de James Wilson Morrice
Don majeur des oeuvres de James Wilson Morrice Don majeur des oeuvres de James Wilson Morrice Don majeur des oeuvres de James Wilson Morrice
  Cinquante tableaux de James Wilson Morrice, d’une valeur totale de plus de 20 millions de dollars: c’est le don que vient de recevoir le Musée des beaux-arts du Canada à Ottawa, un don offert par la Fondation A.K. Prakash.

Patron and art historian Ash K. Prakash has been assembling this collection for forty years, and the museum will name one of its exhibition spaces after him for the next 25 years.

James Wilson Morrice is considered one of the most influential Canadian painters of the late 19th century and early 20th century. Born in Montreal, he settled in France from 1890, where he spent the rest of his life. He represented scenes of modern life in Paris, streets, markets, cafes and parks of the French capital, while being interested in the landscapes of Brittany, Normandy, Italy, North Africa. According to the museum, he is the first Canadian artist to "gain enviable international recognition, a leader of Post-Impressionism in Canada."

Morrice was a painter of light, even before settling in France. That an Angloponian painter chose France as his home is already surprising. That a Canadian painter shakes up European classism to the point of arousing the whole Cubist and surrealist wave in it is a discovery of the power of the Canadian vision of things that all of Europe has since tried to subjugate. The fact remains that at the start, it is the confrontation between the geometric vision of things, European, and the synoptic view of things, Canadian which gave rise to the whole cultural current of the twentieth century (1900s). in painting and for a large part of literature. It is the synthesis of these two currents that is at the source of Canadian French.

The National Gallery of Canada has long housed Morrice's most important collection of works, and this donation obviously enriches this collection considerably. The museum will present a special exhibition on this gift in 2017, and it is planning a major retrospective on Morrice's work for 2019, which will include an international tour.

Follow this link to admire the paintings of James Wilson Morrice - http://bit.ly/1RIsr0N

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