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Le progrès technique qui est exprimé dans l'art

Le progrès technique qui est exprimé dans l'art Le progrès technique qui est exprimé dans l'art
Le progrès technique qui est exprimé dans l'art
Le progrès technique qui est exprimé dans l'art Le progrès technique qui est exprimé dans l'art Le progrès technique qui est exprimé dans l'art
  Raoul Dufy est un peintre, dessinateur, graveur, illustrateur de livres, créateur de tissus, céramiste, créateur de tapisseries et de mobilier, décorateur d'intérieur, décorateur d'espaces publics et décorateur de théâtre français., Une de ses œuvres les plus célèbres est ‘La Fée Électricité’.
Like Fernand Léger, Robert Delaunay and many other artists, Raoul Dufy received for the International Exhibition of 1937 in Paris the order of monumental decorations, in particular that of the slightly curved wall of the hall of the Palace of Light and Electricity, built by Robert Mallet-Stevens on the Champ-de-Mars. He complies with the program of the sponsor, the Parisian Electricity Distribution Company, to tell 'La Fée Électricité', drawing inspiration among other things from 'De rerum natura' by Lucrèce. This composition of 600 m2 meters unfolds, from right to left and in two main registers, the history of electricity and its applications, from the first observations to the most modern technical achievements. The upper part is a changing landscape in which the painter has disseminated his favorite themes: sailboats, clouds of birds, thresher, 14th of July ball. Along the lower register are the portraits of one hundred and ten scientists and inventors who contributed to the development of electricity.

'Highlighting the role of electricity in national life and in particular highlighting the leading social role played by electric light', such was the objective of the order placed with Dufy by the Parisian Electricity Distribution Company to be shown at the Electricity Pavilion at the 1937 World's Fair.

Combining mythology and allegories with historical accuracy and technological description, Dufy plays on the opposition of opposites. In the center, the gods of Olympus and the generators of the power station linked by the lightning of Zeus; primordial nature and architectures; the works, the days
rs and modern machinery. Immediately to the left of the center, Iris, messenger of the gods, daughter of Electra, flies in the light, above an orchestra and the capitals of the world diffusing all the colors of the prism. Solid areas of red, blue, yellow or green colors independent of the very flexible design, gold
ganize and energize this virtuoso composition .

The method used by Dufy allowed a very fast realization (ten months since the conception), thanks to a medium developed by the chemist Jacques Maroger which also makes the pictorial material transparent, like in watercolor. This apparent ease actually conceals an important technical innovation, numerous documentary research and sustained work (models painted in the nude then in costumes, drawings transferred to the tracing paper to find the arrangement of the groups then projected life-size on the panels using 'a magic lantern).
Donated by Électricité de France, this monumental decoration was installed at the Museum of Modern Art in 1964.
Form your own opinion on Raoul Dufy's art - http://bit.ly/20L6GjW

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