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''Narcissus'' ''Narcissus''
''Narcissus'' "Narcissus" ''Narcissus''
  Caravaggio (Michelangelo Merisi) - Oil On Canvas - 110 x 92 cm - 1599 - Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Antica - Rome, Italy

The real name of Caravaggio is Michelangelo Merisi. He received his nickname because of the place where he was born - Caravaggio, located near Milan. He worked as a bricklayer, but his love for creativity and art attracted him.
He studied art from people who painted murals, helping them to mix colors. At that time, the erotic poem “Adonis” went from hand to hand, when the tireless artist read the poem, he decided to portray this young man, who bent over the stream to drink the water, and seeing his reflection, he falls in love with himself with such force that his interest in the whole environment is lost. He looks at his reflection with surprise, as if seeing him for the first time, he is charmed and surprised.

This feeling brings him neither happiness nor feelings of satisfaction. According to the legend, after the death of the young man, he reincarnates into a delicate flower, named after him. Thus, he was avenged by a woman who had become unhappy from unrequited love, and she begged the goddess Nemesis to punish the proud man.

In his picture, Caravaggio divides the world into two parts, the real and the mirror, which helps us to understand and see as much as possible all the things around us. Looking at events, as usual, we do not notice much, which is visible in an inverted state. It is this view that helps to see and understand more deeply certain features of things.

The artist shows the hero's tension, his inner dissatisfaction with the state of affairs. The main advantage of the canvas is the contemplation of an inverted position, which, as it turned out, puts everything in its place, in the relationship between the creator and his creation. This work shows a non-traditional view of the artist on the real situation. “Narcissus” is currently held in the National Gallery of Ancient Art in Rome, Italy. 

To better understand his art, to know what kind of person he was is important. The creation of masterpieces at Caravaggio was accompanied by riotous life, clashes, and fights, fines, and conclusions. He was accused of injuring with the sword of a man who had responded poorly about his paintings, of writing offensive poems about the painter Baglione, of beating notary Pasqualone, in a brawl in a tavern. Every time he was saved from prison by the Cardinals and Giustiniani. Borromeo Bishop of Milan, who met Caravaggio at the time of his Roman life, described him as “an unchained man, with rude manners, always dressed in rags and living wherever necessary. Drawing street boys, haunters of taverns and miserable vagrants, he looked like a happy man.” The main themes of Caravaggio’s canvases were domestic and religized. Borromeo admitted that he did not like everything in the paintings of the artist. He constantly had to hide and move from place to place and died at the age of 38 years.


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