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Tips on buying Art Posters

Tips on buying Art Posters Tips on buying Art Posters
Tips on buying Art Posters
Tips on buying Art Posters Tips on buying Art Posters Tips on buying Art Posters
  Have classical interiors? Get ready to look around for your favorite painting amid art galleries, museums, gallery artist paintings on the internet, and so on. Thorough research will give you a clear idea of the genre, style, and technique you prefer. Can’t afford an original. It’s time you looked at the millions of reproduction painting options!

Art posters are a great way to explore art, especially when you have an eye for fine art and looking forward to building up a healthy collection of masterpieces on a budget. When an artist creates a print and runs it without limit, it is an art poster. There was a time when owning art prints was the privilege of a selected few, but now, with the proliferation in the methods of printing, art posters have become affordable and a good way to start your collection.

Buying reproductive art is an affordable way to stay in style. Many graduate art shows are coming up now and then which may fit your bill. Alternatively, reproductive art is the closest you can get to owning your favorite original.

The main processes used in manufacturing an art poster are Lithographs and Offset Printing. While technologies have considerably improved, these processes may lead to paintings splitting up in ingredient colors on scrutiny. Better quality prints are achieved through Glicee printing that uses state-of-the-art technology that maintains near-original color saturation to turn out stellar prints.

Here are some tips on buying art posters:

Choose a print you love

Don’t buy prints just because everybody else is buying them. It doesn’t matter if the original is extremely famous, you still might not like it. The art you buy should reflect your tastes and your interests. This is something you will treasure for years and like to come back to every day. Considerations of future price rises for investment purposes should take a backseat when the question of preferences arises.

Consider the space

Where will the Contemporary Art Poster be displayed or hung? Is it for the home, an office, or a public space such as a gallery? What is the lighting like in this space? What colors, textures, and patterns already exist in this space? It is advisable to measure the space before buying the print. Adding a frame will add volume to the poster and a glass front will add weight. These factors will ultimately add up in deciding how much space the poster will take up on your wall or bench.

Visit the Print Fairs

Galleries edit their exhibitions – you don’t get to see the entire range of paintings. You should frequent print fairs featuring many reputed galleries and here you will get an honest selection of artworks to choose from, something you will miss out in the galleries.

Choose from small editions

Limited editions are the best places to purchase posters from. There is something wonderful about a print sell-out that is equally attractive for the customer and the artist. In cases there is a monoprint, meaning, the artist has only made a single print of his work, and prices shoot very high since they are extra rare and short in supply. It is also advisable to buy early since limited editions sell out fast and prices increase as stocks diminish.

Make sure it’s authentic

All art reproductions come with the artist’s signature and the run number. Check these to make sure that the artwork you’re buying is authentic.

Conserve your print carefully

Most galleries work with professional framers to ensure the longevity of the artwork. Often, buyers prefer to keep their posters unframed and it is entirely a personal choice. However, if you decide to take on the framing personally, use acid-free tissue and museum-grade conservation materials only. An authentic art poster is only as good as it is conserved.

All said and done, art posters are by far the finest way to build up your collection of artwork.



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