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''The Women of Algiers''

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''The Women of Algiers'' ''The Women of Algiers''
''The Women of Algiers''
''The Women of Algiers'' "The Women of Algiers" ''The Women of Algiers''
  Pablo Picasso - Oil On Canvas - 114 x 146 cm - 1955

Pablo Picasso (1881-1973) - Spanish painter, sculptor, graphic artist, theater artist, ceramist, and designer. He was born in Spain but lived most of his life in France, which is why he is often called a French artist. The founder of cubism, in which the three-dimensional body in an original manner was drawn as a series of combined planes. Called to life a lot of imitators and influenced the development of fine art in the XX century. Picasso had certain fame not only for his work but also numerous love affairs.

In May 2015, a new world record was set at Christie's auction in New York - just 11 minutes after the opening of the auction with a starting price of $ 100 million, Pablo Picasso's painting “The Women of Algiers (Version O)” was sold for $ 179,365,000. At the moment, it is considered the most expensive painting in the world, sold at auction. How the famous canvas appeared and who inspired the artist to create it is a no less interesting object of attention than the buyer who purchased the painting for fabulous money and wished to remain anonymous. “Algerian women” is a series of two lithographs and 15 paintings, painted in 1954–1955. They were united by one name and designated alphabetically by letters from “A” to “O”. A series of works inspired the eponymous painting by Eugene Delacroix in 1834, which depicts concubines in the eastern harem. Traveling through North Africa, Delacroix visited the Sultan in Algeria. There he happened to see concubines in the harem, which inspired him to create the canvas. That work was a landmark in the history of fine art, Matisse, Renoir, Picasso, and Vrubel were delighted with it.

However, the painting of Eugene Delacroix was not the only source of inspiration for Picasso. For the paintings of “The Women of Algiers” series, the wife of the artist, Jacqueline Rock, posed for him, who remarkably resembled the woman in a light blouse by Delacroix. Picasso has always emphasized her resemblance to beauties from harems and often portrayed her in oriental clothes.

According to experts, the 15th version of "The Women of Algiers" is the most significant work of Picasso, located in a private collection, "the culmination of the series and a completely outstanding work." This work of the Spanish artist was part of the private collection of Victor and Sally Ganz, who bought it from Picasso in 1956 for 212.5 thousand dollars. It was sold in 1977 after the death of the spouses. And in 2015, this work became the most expensive work of art in the world, sold at auction. Pablo Picasso's paintings have always been among the most expensive in the world - for example, in 2009 his two works were in the top 10 the most expensive paintings.


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