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''Large Oil paintings for your home''

''Large Oil paintings for your home'' ''Large Oil paintings for your home''
''Large Oil paintings for your home''
''Large Oil paintings for your home'' "Large Oil paintings for your home" ''Large Oil paintings for your home''
  The art of finding art for your home can be mastered by anyone with passion and an eye for detail. As an art consultant suggests, start local. Buying art from local emerging artists on the internet can be both cheap and build up a gallery of unique pieces. There is no rule regarding art – so go on and frame your nephew’s painting, dabble in oil paints and new mediums, try out DIY art projects.

There is something about adorning your walls with a single huge oil painting that is inexplicable. While smaller prints may be compared to your favorite song, a large oil painting maybe the whole orchestra. If you’ve grown up in a surrounding that breathes art, you’ll be able to relate to the feeling of staring into the large Victorian oils, just above the fireplace, a statement by itself.

Oil is a medium that preserves a somewhat royal aura. Due to the kingly connections, it has and the fact that it is a slow and deliberate medium with more pigments per brush gives it an edge above other mediums like acrylics which are faster and lighter. Oils are a special favorite when it comes to large canvas prints, which are often unframed and best suited to hang over statement pieces of furniture or the fireplace.

When determining the size of the oil painting to choose, the following things should be kept in mind,

  • Measure the length and width of the wall where you want to hang the painting. If it is going over a couch or furniture, measure the open area, from the top of the painting to the ceiling.
  • Paintings hung over furniture should be less than 75 percent of the width of the furniture.
  • Follow the three-eighths rule. When working with an otherwise empty wall, the general rule is to choose a piece that will leave space in the number of three-eighths of the width of the painting on each side.

While single pieces might be a little costly to acquire, but they instantly lift your home decor and make a resounding statement. Usually, single pieces afford a lot of flexibility while decorating, but some guidelines are to be kept in mind while decorating with oversized oil paintings. Large oil paintings are best viewed at a distance, so choose your room and judge your space accordingly. Think: Do I have enough space for the piece to be viewed in its full glory? Also, single heavily framed pieces are often difficult to hang and demand the support of heavy and ornate furniture. An oversized, colorful and dramatic piece unfurls to its full potential when viewed across the room. Notice the vast space that galleries preserve for viewing such artwork.

Your taste and preferences should reflect in the art you buy. You don’t have to keep your grandma’s antique if you don’t like it. Neither are you under any obligation to feature famous pieces just because your friends have bought them. Instead, go for the unique exhibition of your tastes, which may be hanging your oversized artwork with an old marine rope, leather, or even a guitar strap. Why not hit the flea market to add the much-coveted vintage look?

Often the large painting does very well as the defining focal point in the dining room which is otherwise bereft of too many decorative elements. The apparent bareness is beautifully contrasted with the oversized painting, drawing all eyes to the single statement piece.

A single showstopper piece can cover an entire windowless wall and do better than smaller pieces pieced together for the collage look. It is the dominant and awe-inspiring element that your grandiose setting is aching for.

Among other things, you can easily opt to go frameless with your oversized painting. Considering the size of the painting, you may not want to overwhelm the room further with an ornate frame. Go minimalistic with a stretched canvas and preserve the smart look. While it is not a rule of the thumb, you may consider choosing your painting judging the dominant color theme prevalent in the room. This way, you can achieve the desired traditional or modern look and create a smooth color palette in the room.

All said and done, home decor is entirely a personal and subjective decision. Every day, somebody is experimenting with frames, sizes, styles, and arrangements to make something new and remarkable. Now it’s your turn.



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