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“The Menaced Assassin”

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“The Menaced Assassin” “The Menaced Assassin”
“The Menaced Assassin”
“The Menaced Assassin” “The Menaced Assassin” “The Menaced Assassin”
  Rene Magritte - Oil On Canvas - 150 x 195 cm - 1927 - Museum of Modern Art - New York, United States

The painting "The Menaced Assassin" was written in the period of Rene Magritte’s (Belgian surrealist artist) work in many magazines for which he created his unique drawings. For which he created his unique drawings. These time art critics call the time of the emergence of the "true Magritte" when he developed the basic techniques, ideas, and style that define himself as the most unique artist.

"The Menaced Assassin" is a picture full of mysteries. It can well be said that this is a whole comedic detective plot.Several personages in the picture can be treated in different ways. In the central part of the picture is the corpse of the victim of the assassin with a severed head, raped as there are no clothes on it, beaten, as indicated by bleeding from the nose and previously strangled with a towel, which the killer left on the murdered neck.Very cruel murder. But who did it? Magritte gives us a chance to solve this riddle.On the way into the room, alleged killers are hiding behind the walls. Although the baton and the net in the hands of these characters are likely the instruments of abduction, rather than murder.

Not far from the victim is the investigator, and maybe it is not the investigator at all, but the killer himself, who did not have time to leave the scene. Three witnesses or hiding murderers are hiding behind the window. The faceless personage in the picture is a phonograph with a record on which the threat is also possibly recorded. All characters are potential "suspects". This is the so-called "Magritte gentleman." This absurdity is the main task of the artist - to discourage the viewer. In addition, the artist plays with time, mixing the past, present, and future in his mise en scene. These times seem to go to the perspective, which emphasizes the sinister trumpet of the gramophone. And a small touch of romance - the action takes place in the mountains, seen outside the window.“The Menaced Assasin” is currently held in the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Art critics and connoisseurs still offer all-new interpretations of his paintings and their poetic names, rarely associated with the image, which confirms once again: Magritte's simplicity is deceptive. Rene Magritte himself called his art not even surrealism, but magical realism, and with great distrust he treated any attempts of interpretation, and even more so the search for symbols, claiming that the only thing to do with the pictures was to examine them.

The artworks of Magritte themselves are not similar to the mad plots of Salvador Dali, nor the bizarre landscapes of Max Ernst. Magritte used mostly ordinary everyday images - trees, windows, doors, fruits, human figures - but his paintings are no less absurd and mysterious than the work of his eccentric colleagues.Without creating fantastic objects and creatures from the depths of the subconscious, the Belgian artist did what Lotreamon called art - arranged "a meeting of an umbrella and a typewriter on the operating table", unbanally combining banal things.


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