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Most popular Artists
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Abstracted Acrobats Allegory Amsterdam Angels Animals Autumn Baby Baths Beach Birds Birth Boats Bottle Boys Bridge Canal Cars Castles Cavern Characters Child Children Christ Churches Cities Clouds Coffee Colour Composition Cotton Couple Crucifixion Dance Death Design Devils Dinners Dog Dream Duck Egypt Entertainment Family Farmer Fields Fire Fish Fishing Florence Flowers Forest Fountain Fox France Fruits Gardens Ghost Giant Girls Glass Goose Guitar Hall Hands Harbour Hat Head Hill Hills Horse Hospital Houses Hunting Industrial Interior Italy Jungle Kitchen Lakes Landscape Legend London Love Magic Man Market Marriage Men Mill Mirror Monk Monsters Montmartre Moonlight Mother Mountains Murder Music Naked Nativity New York Nudes Nudity Old Man Olive Optical Art Orient Painter Paradise Park Peasants People Plantation Portrait Queen Railway Rainbow Religious Rivers Roads Rocks Roses Royalty Saints Scene Scientist Sea Sisters Skeleton Sketch Sky Slaves Sleep Snow Sports Spring Stars Still Life Stream Street Study Summer Sunset Tahiti Theater Trade Travellers Trees Vase Vegetables Venice Village Virgin War Waterfall Weather Windmill Winter Woman Women Wood Woodpecker Zebras
Abstract Expressionism Academicism Art Deco Art Nouveau Art Optique Ashcan School Barbizon School Baroque Cubism Dadaism Dutch Golden Age Early Netherlandish Early Renaissance Experimental Expressionism Fauvism Folk Art Futurism German Romanticism Gothic High Renaissance Hudson River School Impressionism Italian Renaissance Late Gothic Les Nabis Mannerism Miniaturist Modern Modernism Neoclassicism Northern Renaissance Optical Art Orientalism Pointillism Pop Art Post-Impressionism Pre-Raphaelites Pre-Surrealism Precisionism Realism Renaissance Rococo Romanticism Surrealism Surréalisme Symbolism Symbolism. Art Nouveau Tonalism
Acrylic Chalk Chalk, Ink Chalk, Watercolour, Ink Charcoal, Chalk Decoration Mural Drawing Drypoint Engraving Etching Frescoes Huile Illustration Ink Lithography Metalpoint Metalpoint, Ink Oil Oil On Canvas Pencil, Ink Relief Sculpture Sketch Tempera Wash, Chalk, Ink Watercolor
Most popular Artists

Western art is so rich with the work of classical painters that it’s not an easy job to choose the top 100 favorite painters and place them in order of importance.  While Leonardo da Vinci, Gustav Klimt, Rafael and Gustave Courbet rightly take their place towards the top of the favorite list, many other exquisite painters easily filled the top 100 famous painters that WahoocArt.com has compiled for you here. Our extensive archive of digital reproductions contains many, if not most, of the work of these legendary painters

About WahooArt.com
Have you ever seen a fine piece of art that you just had to have, but couldn’t afford the hefty price tag? Look no further. Welcome to Wahoo Art, where we make fine art accessible. In addition to our reproductions, our extensive database of artwork and artist biographies is perfect for the art aficionado WahooArt.com is a virtual Art reproduction museum and searchable database of European painting and sculpture from 12th to mid-20th centuries.

The collection has some of the characteristics of a virtual Art museum. WahooArt.com serves the visitors' need for a site where various information on art, artists and history can be found. Although not a conventional one, the collection is a searchable database. you can also get hand painted fine art reproductions

The Wahoo Art Timeline gives you the overview of art history just like it is represented in Museum’s collection.


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