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The 25 of Giorgione - Giorgio Barbarelli

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Giorgione - Giorgio Barbarelli - The Sunset (Il Tramonto)The Sunset (Il Tramonto)Giorgione - Giorgio Barbarelli

Very little is known about Giorgione: only a handful of contemporary documents refer to him, and only some six or seven surviving paintings are now considered 'almost certainly' by him. Yet he is universally accepted as one of the most influential of Western artists. Probably trained by Giovanni Bel...

Giorgione - Giorgio Barbarelli - The TempestThe TempestGiorgione - Giorgio Barbarelli

It was already in 1530 described simply as 'the little landscape on canvas with a tempest, a gypsy woman and a soldier...';This painting, the meaning of which has been greatly debated, marks a moment of capital importance in the renovation of the Venetian style painting, and perhaps is the most repr...

Giorgione - Giorgio Barbarelli - La VecchiaLa VecchiaGiorgione - Giorgio Barbarelli

The presentation of reality by means of a luminous medium which decants the subtlest gradations of colour with extraordinary fidelity and assembles them with immediacy into images of lyrical purity is a feature also of the extremely rare portraits by Giorgione, amongst them this painting of the Old ...

Giorgione - Giorgio Barbarelli - The Three PhilosophersThe Three PhilosophersGiorgione - Giorgio Barbarelli

The Three Philosophers must be a work of the last couple of years of Giorgione's life, since a near-contemporary source says that it was begun by him and finished by Sebastiano del Piombo, a collaboration confirmed by stylistic analysis. The subject matter has long been a source of disagreement. In ...

Giorgione - Giorgio Barbarelli - Portrait of a Young Woman (Laura)Portrait of a Young Woman (Laura)Giorgione - Giorgio Barbarelli

This painting has been altered over the centuries, first transposed into an oval picture and then restored back to a rectangular one. Originally the figure extended below the waist, and there was more space above. The effect was one of much less immediacy for the viewer than is the case today in its...

Giorgione - Giorgio Barbarelli - Self-PortraitSelf-PortraitGiorgione - Giorgio Barbarelli

Self-Portrait (Oil on canvas, 52 x 43 cm) is now in the collection of the Herzog Anton Ulrich-Museum, Braunschweig. The painting represents David whose modes was the painter himself. The painting was truncated, according to Vasari, who praised this painting, David holds in his hands the head of Goli...

Giorgione - Giorgio Barbarelli - Portrait of a Gentleman in ArmorPortrait of a Gentleman in ArmorGiorgione - Giorgio Barbarelli

A sense of calm and expressiveness as well as light effects are outstanding in this canvas, with the beautiful helmet and pieces of armour on foreground. Thought to be the Gattamelata's portrait - a famous Italian captain (1370-1443) - the picture has been ascribed to the last activity of Giorgione,...

Giorgione - Giorgio Barbarelli - Castelfranco MadonnaCastelfranco MadonnaGiorgione - Giorgio Barbarelli

The altar-piece, called the Castelfranco Madonna, was in all probability commissioned by the Condottiere Tuzio Costanzo in memory of his son Matteo, who died in 1504: the Costanzo coat of arms can be seen on the base of the Virgin's throne. It can almost certainly be dated to 1505. Although it is no...

Giorgione - Giorgio Barbarelli - The Impassioned SingerThe Impassioned SingerGiorgione - Giorgio Barbarelli

The famous Singers (The Impassioned Singer and its companion-piece, The Singer with Flute) in the Borghese Gallery were attributed to Giorgione. However, this attribution is strongly debated. Some scholars think it to be the work of Domenico Capriolo (1494-1528), others assume that it was executed i...

Giorgione - Giorgio Barbarelli - Moses- Trial by FireMoses' Trial by FireGiorgione - Giorgio Barbarelli

This is one of the earliest work by Giorgione. The subject was taken from the Jewish Antiquities by Josephus (2. 9:7) Moses was adopted by Pharaoh's daughter. One day at court Pharaoh jokingly placed his crown on the head of infant Moses who immediately threw it to the ground and trampled on it. Thi...

Giorgione - Giorgio Barbarelli - The Holy FamilyThe Holy FamilyGiorgione - Giorgio Barbarelli

This early painting is called the Benson Holy Family since once it belonged to the Robert Henry and Evelyn Holford Benson Collection in London. The figures closely resemble those painted by Giovanni Bellini.

Giorgione - Giorgio Barbarelli - The Three Ages of ManThe Three Ages of ManGiorgione - Giorgio Barbarelli

The Three Ages (1500) (Oil on panel, 62 x 77 cm) is now in the Galleria Palatina (Palazzo Pitti), Florence. The attribution of this painting is strongly debated.

Giorgione - Giorgio Barbarelli - Sleeping VenusSleeping VenusGiorgione - Giorgio Barbarelli

Sleeping Venus (Dresden Venus), is a painting by Giorgione, with, it is now generally accepted, the landscape and sky, by Titian, completed after Giorgione's death in 1510. It is in the Gemäldegalerie, Dresden. The painting portrays a nude woman whose profile seems to follow that of the hills in the...

Giorgione - Giorgio Barbarelli - Adoration of the ShepherdsAdoration of the ShepherdsGiorgione - Giorgio Barbarelli

The Adoration of the Shepherds or the Allendale Nativity, as it is commonly known after one of the previous owners, is now generally accepted as by Giorgione. However, the debate on its attribution continues, with Bellini and the young Titian considered as possible authors. It is assumed by some cri...

Giorgione - Giorgio Barbarelli - The Judgment of SolomonThe Judgment of SolomonGiorgione - Giorgio Barbarelli

Giorgione depicted the celebrated story of Solomon's wisdom in one of two pendant paintings. The great king has declared that the living child be - literary - divided between the women claiming him. The babe's mother will cede the child, rather than see him die. An elusive figure, Giorgione made odd...

Giorgione - Giorgio Barbarelli - The Reading MadonnaThe Reading MadonnaGiorgione - Giorgio Barbarelli

Through the open window the Riva degli Schiavoni and the Campanile (bell tower) of he St Mark's Basilica can be seen. The campanile is represented with a temporary flat-roofed bell-chamber, which was in place from 1489 to 1511. The attribution to Giorgione is not universally accepted, some scholars ...

Giorgione - Giorgio Barbarelli - A Young ManA Young ManGiorgione - Giorgio Barbarelli

In portraiture, as in other areas of painting, the tradition established by Bellini was transformed in the first decade of the sixteenth century by Giorgione. In contrast to the reserved formality of most fifteenth-century portraits, Giorgione introduced a new quality of soulfulness and intimacy int...

Giorgione - Giorgio Barbarelli - Portrait of a Young Man1Portrait of a Young Man1Giorgione - Giorgio Barbarelli

Portrait of a Young Man (Wood, 69,4 x 53,5 cm) is now in the Alte Pinakothek, Munich. The attribution to Giorgione is debated, some experts think it is the work of Palma Vecchio. The identity of the sitter is also doubtful, he was a Fugger, or perhaps Buffalmaco the painter.

Giorgione - Giorgio Barbarelli - JudithJudithGiorgione - Giorgio Barbarelli

Judith (1504) (Oil on canvas, trasferred from panel, 144 x 68 cm) is in the The Hermitage, St. Petersburg. An early painting of the artist. In the 17-18th century it was attributed to Raphael, later to Moretto da Brescia. Originally it was probably a panel of an altarpiece.

Giorgione - Giorgio Barbarelli - Portrait of a ManPortrait of a ManGiorgione - Giorgio Barbarelli

Portrait of a Man (c. 1508) (Oil on panel, 30 x 26 cm) is now in Fine Arts Gallery, San Diego. This is probably an autograph work from the last years of the artist.

Giorgione - Giorgio Barbarelli - Portrait of a Young ManPortrait of a Young ManGiorgione - Giorgio Barbarelli

This beautiful painting is one of the most problematical pictures in the history of art and a constant subject of debate. The identity of the painter is still in question and, while the majority of experts ascribe it to Giorgione, there are a number of scholars who believe it was painted by Giovanni...