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The 70 Artworks of Gerhard Richter

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Gerhard Richter - CloudsCloudsGerhard Richter

'Clouds is an example of how Richter frequently alternates between realist and abstract styles in various series of work, as well as on a single canvas. In this instance, even the title bears an ambiguous relation to the entire composition. In the lower region of the canvas, for instance, Richter su...

Gerhard Richter - Abstract PictureAbstract PictureGerhard Richter

'In a series of completely abstract works of the early 1990s, Richter challenges the eye of the viewer to detect anything in the field of vision other than the pure elements of his art: color, gesture, the layering of pasty materials, and the artist's impersonal raking of these concoctions in variou...

Gerhard Richter - 1024 Colours1024 ColoursGerhard Richter

'Richter employs a systematic approach to the canvas in his color-chart-based painting 1024 Farben (1024 Colours). Superficially reminiscent of the neo-Dadaist, 1950s ''Hard Edge'' abstraction of Ellsworth Kelly, Richter chooses here to systematically paint squares of colors based on the predetermin...

Gerhard Richter - MoritzMoritzGerhard Richter

'Ostensibly a painting of his young son, Mortiz exemplifies Richter's affinity for striking a tense balance between abstraction and figuration. This painting is a hybrid, seemingly fluctuating between two contrasting, unfinished areas, one section realistically rendered (in part harking back to Rich...

Gerhard Richter - Abstract PaintingAbstract PaintingGerhard Richter

'In 1976, Richter first employed the term ''Abstract Painting'' as a formal title for many of his works, such as this example. Cool tones of purple and blue create a hazy, shallow atmospheric perspective. The composition is structured with geometric shapes and lines that might at first appear as fra...