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The 250 Artworks of Jean-François Millet

Jean-François Millet - The AngelusThe AngelusJean-François Millet

The Angelus was a painting commissioned by Thomas Gold Appleton but never collected. It shows two figures standing in a potato field, their faces are in the shadows, they have stopped their harvest and bowed their head in prayer to say the Angelus prayer, a prayer to commemorate the annunciation to ...

Musée d'Orsay (Paris, France)
Jean-François Millet - Man With A HoeMan With A HoeJean-François Millet

Man With A Hoe (1860 - 1862) is by the French painter Jean-François Millet. The man in the picture was considered brutish and frightening by Parisian bourgeoisie. The Industrial Revolution had caused a steady exodus from French farms, and Man with a Hoe was interpreted as a socialist protest about t...

Getty Museum (Los Angeles, United States)
Jean-François Millet - Harvesters RestingHarvesters RestingJean-François Millet

Millet considered this painting to be his masterpiece. This painting marked many milestones for the artist. He worked on this painting longer than any other painting. He also conceived the painting to rival the great works of Michelangelo and Poussin. This painting marked his departure of simple por...

Museum of Fine Arts (Boston, United States)
Jean-François Millet - A WinnowerA WinnowerJean-François Millet

Millet's early works were modelled on eighteenth-century pastorals, but during the 1840s the influence of Daumier encouraged him to paint in a more vigorous and sober style. His Winnower of 1848 set the seal on this new direction. The painting was exhibited at the Salon of 1848.

Jean-François Millet - Shepherdess with her FlockShepherdess with her FlockJean-François Millet

The gay side of life never shows itself to me. . . . The gayest thing I know is the calm, the silence, which is so sweet, either in the forest or in the cultivated land. Thus wrote Jean-François Millet. He conveyed calm and silence in this peaceful composition, which is anchored by a monumental peas...

Jean-François Millet - Buckwheat Harvest, SummerBuckwheat Harvest, SummerJean-François Millet

In 1868, the artist was commissioned by his patron, Félix Hartmann, for painting a series representing the four seasons. The Spring in the Musée d'Orsay, was the first of the series, the Summer (Buckwheat Harvest) is in Boston, the Autumn (Haystacks) in New York, and the Winter in Philadelphia.