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The 420 Artworks of Paul Klee

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Paul Klee - Ad ParnassumAd ParnassumPaul Klee

This painting, considered Klee’s masterpiece, is an example of Klee’s masterful skill with color. Small blocks of shifting colors float through the background, set in place with a thick black outline, evincing the idea of a building or a house. It is also the finest example of Klee’s ability in poin...

Kunstmuseum (Bern, Switzerland)
Paul Klee - In the Style of KairouanIn the Style of KairouanPaul Klee

In the Style of Kairouan marks the beginning of Paul Klee’s Abstract Expressionist era, and started working with colours, something he had not done before. It was on his trip to Kairouan, Tunisia where he was inspired by the natural play of light. It was here that he had an epiphany: “Colour and I a...

Paul Klee - Flora on sandFlora on sandPaul Klee

Being preserved at the Felix Klee Collection in Bern, Switzerland, 'Flora on Sand' profoundly exhibits Paul's interest towards children's art. His acute understanding of colour theory is also quite clear from this marvelous natural expression, which also recalls an aesthetic experiment discussed by ...

Paul Klee - Diana in the Autumn WindDiana in the Autumn WindPaul Klee
62 x 48 cm, (1934)

This painting from his first year of exile in Switzerland, shows him solving the problem by texturing the paper with overlapping thatches of brushstrokes. The figure we assume it is a figure from the legs and white head has unfolded into a pattern of overlapping sheets, as if torn apart by the wind...

Paul Klee - Salida de la luna St. GermainSalida de la luna St. GermainPaul Klee
18 x 17 cm, (1915)

During a trip that Paul Klee made to Tunisia for two weeks together with Louis Moilliet and August Macke in August 1914, Klee and Moilliet spent Easter weekend in St. Germain near Tunis. On the evening of Easter Sunday, Klee wrote in his diary: “The evening is indescribable. And to top it all, there...