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The 272 Artworks of William Blake

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William Blake - The Ghost of a FleaThe Ghost of a FleaWilliam Blake

The Ghost of a Flea is a small tempera mixture with gold painting on mahogany type tropical hardwood panel by the English poet, painter and printmaker William Blake (1757-1827), held in the Tate Gallery, London. Completed between 1819 and 1820, it is part of a series of works depicting 'Visionary He...

William Blake - Whirlwind of LoversWhirlwind of LoversWilliam Blake

Whirlwind of Lovers is a (Pen and ink and watercolour) painting by the English poet and painter William Blake. Also known as Circle of the Lustful. It is painted in 1824-27. The scene is from Dante's Divine Comedy, Hell). The painting (374 x 530 mm) is now in the collection of the City Museum and Ar...

William Blake - NewtonNewtonWilliam Blake

Newton is a monotype by the English poet, painter and printmaker William Blake first completed in 1795, but reworked and reprinted in 1805. It is one of the 12 'Large Colour Prints' or 'Large Colour Printed Drawings' created between 1795 and 1805, which also include his series of images on the bibli...

William Blake - The Ancient of DaysThe Ancient of DaysWilliam Blake

The Ancient of Days is a print by William Blake for his 1794 book Europe, a Prophecy. Here he paints Urizen, the embodiment of conventional law and reason, from his mythology. He is usually depicted with architect's tools and is depicted here as an old man with a white beard crouching down and exten...