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The 1000++ Artworks created around 2000

Cy Twombly - Quattro Stagioni, EstateQuattro Stagioni, EstateCy Twombly

Prominent hues evoking the beaming Mediterranean Sun are amalgamated with scribbled poetic pieces from various sources in ‘Quattro Stagioni’, which translates from Italian to ‘Four Seasons’. ‘Estate’ is the second painting in this series of four, representing ‘Summer’, also the second season of the ...

Jacek Yerka - Wegener-s theoryWegener's theoryJacek Yerka
54 x 61 cm, (2001)
Lucian Freud - And the BridegroomAnd the BridegroomLucian Freud

Lucian Freud depicts a man and his wife sleeping in his painting And the Bridegroom. It is a relaxed depiction of a performer. Leigh Bowery and his wife, Nicola Bateman. Although Freud refused to work with professional models, Bowery was an exception as his talent as an actor allowed him to invent a...

Cy Twombly - Untitled, (Peony Blossom Painting)Untitled, (Peony Blossom Painting)Cy Twombly

The Peony served as a rich symbol, having roots in western and eastern traditions. In Greek Mythology, the peony was named after Paeon, the god of medicine and healing, but it seems that this painting was more inspired by the Japanese depictions of peonies, a popular motif in Japanese art, appearing...

David Hockney - A bigger grand canyonA bigger grand canyonDavid Hockney
207 x 744 cm, (1998)

Hockney began work on the ''A bigger Grand Canyon'' in February 1998. The painting is a culminating statement about the depiction and experience of space. By using different views taken over a period of time, Hockney refers to Cubism, where a subject is depicted from multiple viewpoints; to Chinese ...

National Gallery of Australia (Canberra, Australia)
Eric Fischl - April in MojacarApril in MojacarEric Fischl

Painting 20th Century United States

United States
Yiannis Moralis - EroticonEroticonYiannis Moralis

Demonstrating solid structure, purity of form, poetic abstraction, disciplined rhythm, harmonious proportions, inspired synthesis of gently flowing curves and ingenious interplay of active and passive themes, Eroticon achieves a striking balance between erotic passion, lyrical feeling and intellectu...