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The 1000++ Artworks exhibited in Germany

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Caspar David Friedrich - Dolmen in the SnowDolmen in the SnowCaspar David Friedrich

The dolmen portrayed here is probably one which stood near Gützkow, and which was removed between 1825 and 1829. Together with his drawing master Quistorp, Friedrich made several excursions to prehistoric burial sites.

Gemäldegalerie (Dresden, Germany)
Gustav Klimt - Music IMusic IGustav Klimt

Allegoric representation of Music, which Klimt painted several times in various renderings. Besides the lyre, symbol of music, this particular canvas emphasizes the sphinx (alluding to artistic freedom), the Silenus mask on the extreme left, the lion's teeth at the center (a metaphor of the spread o...

Bayerische Staatsgemaldesammlungen (Munich, Germany)
Peter Paul Rubens - The Lion HuntThe Lion HuntPeter Paul Rubens

Among many differences from the Schleissheim series, in accordance with Rubens changing attitudes to both life and composition, the combat is equal, or even in the lions' favor in Lion Hunt. The action is spread out and not bounded by the frame, but the front plane is maintained as if by a sheet of ...

Alte Pinakothek (Munich, Germany)
Wassily Kandinsky - Arabs I (Cemetery)Arabs I (Cemetery)Wassily Kandinsky

The original Arabs I Cemetery was created by Wassily Kandinsky in 1909 and represents the artist’s experimentation with Expressionist concepts. The original is oil on cardboard and is part of the modern art collection at the Hamburger Kunsthalle art museum in Germany. Our hand painted reproduction o...

Kunsthalle (Hamburg, Germany)
Otto Dix - To BeautyTo BeautyOtto Dix

The central figure in this painting is Otto Dix himself, and there is no beauty to the scene. Standing in the middle of a brothel, he is holding a telephone in his left hand. The right side of his face is in shadow, while a left-looking glance sidles towards us somewhat menacingly. The only people h...

Von der Heydt Museum (Germany)
Jan Vermeer - The GeographerThe GeographerJan Vermeer

The Geographer is a painting created by Dutch artist Johannes Vermeer in 1668-1669, and is now in the collection of the Städelsches Kunstinstitut museum in Frankfurt am Main. This is one of only three paintings Vermeer signed and dated (the other two are The Astronomer and The Procuress). The geogra...

Städelsches Kunstinstitut museum (Frankfurt, Germany)
Max Beckmann - TemptationTemptationMax Beckmann

One of the reasons most art schools require students to take art history courses is that artists can and do learn and draw from the past. That past feeds art, on a nearly continual basis, and often the deepest, most moving, most breathtaking, most innovative art, draws on art from past eras. Such...

Bayerische Staatsgemäldesammlungen (Munich, Germany)