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The 172 Artworks exhibited in Greece

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El Greco (Doménikos Theotokopoulos) - The Dormition of the VirginThe Dormition of the VirginEl Greco (Doménikos Theotokopoulos)

Certainly a pair to the Resurrection and almost certainly painted for the Colegio de Doña María. The two paintings appear to be of the same date and same dimension, that is, the last to be painted for the Colegio. They were probably positioned on the second storey of the altarpiece, possibly either ...

Holy Cathedral of the Dormition of the Virgin (Syros, Greece)
El Greco (Doménikos Theotokopoulos) - St Luke Painting the Virgin and ChildSt Luke Painting the Virgin and ChildEl Greco (Doménikos Theotokopoulos)

'The signature appears on the paper held in the mouth of a serpent (the spirit of evil, or of the Earth). The large painting was commissioned by Philip II, late 1570 or early 1580, for the chapel of the Saint in the church of the Escorial. The earliest reference is the King's order to the Prior, dat...

Benaki Museum (Athens, Greece)
El Greco (Doménikos Theotokopoulos) - The Entombment of ChristThe Entombment of ChristEl Greco (Doménikos Theotokopoulos)

El Greco first painted the subject in Venice, some years earlier, in the small signed panel in Washington, and he was to take it up again, much later, in Spain, and adhere closely to his original design. As with the Christ Healing the Blind, inspiration for the composition as a whole is from Tintore...

Alexandros Soutzos Museum (Athens, Greece)