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The 6 Artworks of Caspar David Friedrich and created around 1818

Caspar David Friedrich - Chalk Cliffs on RügenChalk Cliffs on RügenCaspar David Friedrich

The painting depicts the view from the chalk cliffs of the Stubbenkammer, at that time one of the most famous lookout points on the island. It is frequently but incorrectly believed that the Wissower Klinken outcrops in particular were a model for the painting; however, these did not exist at the ti...

Oskar Reinhart Collection (Winterthur, Switzerland)
Caspar David Friedrich - Wanderer above the Sea of FogWanderer above the Sea of FogCaspar David Friedrich

Friedrich uses the compositional device, Ruckenfugen where the figure has its back towards the viewer. This creates a mysterious atmosphere. The artist, who lost three siblings and a mother before the age of 20, had a seriousness that reflected in his work. Here, he depicts a man in a green coat, on...

Hamburger Kunsthalle (Hamburg, Germany)
Caspar David Friedrich - The wanderer above the sea of fogThe wanderer above the sea of fogCaspar David Friedrich

Preserved in the Kuntshalle Museum of Hamburg, Germany, the Romantic era masterwork “The Wanderer above the Sea of Fog” boasts a heroic figure who is embodying a powerful stance at the edge of a cliff. This figure is often identified as Casper David Friedrich himself. A lot of people regard this as ...