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The 1000++ Artworks of topic Clothing and containing the word thomas eakins, oil, realism, portraits, clothing

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Vincent Van Gogh - Self Portrait with a Grey Felt HatSelf Portrait with a Grey Felt HatVincent Van Gogh

Due to the fact that Vincent van Gogh didn't have any money to hire models to pose for him he often painted himself. He painted this self-portrait in the winter of 1887-1888 when he was living with his brother Theo in Paris during almost 2 years. He made use of the painting technique pointillism, h...

Stedelijk Museum (Netherlands)
Gustav Klimt - Lady with Hat and Feather BoaLady with Hat and Feather BoaGustav Klimt

With this portrait Klimt goes further in the depiction of women within his work. This lady with hat and featherboa is at the same time adorable, flagitious, enchanting and wicked. The painting has been restituted in 2001 from the Austrian Government to the owners and was then privately sold for over...

Lucas Cranach The Elder - Portraits of Johann I and Frederick III the wise, Electors of SaxonyPortraits of Johann I and Frederick III the wise, Electors of SaxonyLucas Cranach The Elder

The figures occupy only the upper part of the two small portraits, the lower part being taken up by long inscriptions. The paintings portray the two Electors in solemn dress keeping with their status. In these two small works we see the German artist's marked predilection for an almost popular reali...

Galleria degli Uffizi (Florence, Italy)