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Jasper Johns - FlagFlagJasper Johns

The Cold War was still in motion when the Flag was painted. It was a time of the inquisition, witch hunts, blacklists, loyalty oaths, censorship, and espionage in the US, many artists had their careers destroyed due to suspected communist sentiment in their art. Jasper Johns says that the idea for t...

Jasper Johns - White FlagWhite FlagJasper Johns

Throughout the ‘50s and ‘60s, Jasper Johns was busy acquiring images of national significance, like flags, and making art out of them. To paraphrase his saying, Johns would work on images that the human minds around him were already familiar with. “White Flag” was a notable work out of his renowned ...

John William Godward - In Realms of FancyIn Realms of FancyJohn William Godward

In Realms of Fancy is an oil on canvas painting by the English painter John William Godward. It is painted in 1911. The vast majority of Godward's extant images feature women in Classical dress, posed against these landscape features, though there are some semi-nude and fully nude figures. The paint...

John William Waterhouse - The Merman (sketch)The Merman (sketch)John William Waterhouse

The Merman (sketch) (1892) is an artwork by the English Pre-Raphaelite painter John William Waterhouse. Possibly a self-portrait of John William Waterhouse.

John William Waterhouse - Sketch of CirceSketch of CirceJohn William Waterhouse

Sketch of Circe (1911) is an artwork by the English Pre-Raphaelite painter John William Waterhouse. The back of the canvas is inscribed 'Circe'. The painting is also known as 'The Sorceress'. One of waterhouse's painting depicting a femme fatale. Waterhouse's interest in themes associated with the P...