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Filippo Brunelleschi - Exterior view of the ChapelExterior view of the ChapelFilippo Brunelleschi

The Chapter House for the monastery of Santa Croce was commissioned by the powerful Pazzi family and is known as the Pazzi Chapel. Although the structure may have been designed c. 1423-24, the construction did not start until 1442 and it was only finished c. 1465. The design of the façade, still unf...

Filippo Brunelleschi - View of the central naveView of the central naveFilippo Brunelleschi

'Cagnacci's familiarity with the work of Guido Reni and the masters of the Bolognese manner, and his stay in Rome and encounter with Caravaggio's painting, were a vital influence on his work. The Death of Cleopatra was painted during the period when the artist's broad figurative range was enriched b...

San Lorenzo (Florence, Italy)
Andrea Palladio - -View of the --scaenae frons---'View of the ''scaenae frons'''Andrea Palladio

The statues of Arnolfo di Cambio and Filippo Brunelleschi, executed by Luigi Pampaloni in 1830, were placed on the façade of Palazzo dei Canonici in Piazza del Duomo in Florence, in order to celebrate the two great Florentine artists, the never surpassed fathers of sculpture and architecture.

Teatro Olimpico (Vicenza, Italy)
Filippo Brunelleschi - View of the domeView of the domeFilippo Brunelleschi

'Callot, adventurous from his youth, carried his daring and curiosity into his craft and is responsible for inventive brilliance in the preparation of his etched plates. He was born in Nancy, France; his family planned a life for him in the Church. However, he ran away from home on two occasions whi...

Santa Croce (Florence, Italy)
Filippo Brunelleschi - View of the interiorView of the interiorFilippo Brunelleschi

'The subject matter of Callot's etchings was extremely varied; in a host of tiny compositions, he represented vagabonds and dwarfs, and characters from the commedia dell' arte. He did two series of the Miseries of War, one large and one small, as well as views of cities and representations of elabor...