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The 1000++ Artworks created around 1925 and containing the word edward hopper, buildings, 1925

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Edward Hopper - SundaySundayEdward Hopper

Sunday is characteristic of Hopper's vision of twentieth-century America. At first commonplace, his art has unexpected resonance, showing the significant rather than the beautiful. The interplay between particular and generalized components, an ongoing aspect of Hopper's work, contributes to the wor...

The Phillips Collection (Washington, United States)
Edward Hopper - Cobbs Barns and Distant HousesCobbs Barns and Distant HousesEdward Hopper

Edward Hopper has a distinguishable style and aura to his work, portraying the sense of desolace, an empty sorrow or feelings or boredom, the desire to escape. In his painting Cobb's Barns and Distant Houses, the aging and unused barns are not motifs of nostalgia but a reality of America during the ...

Edward Hopper - The Long LegThe Long LegEdward Hopper

‘The Long Leg’ is kept at the Huntington Library in San Marino, USA. A boat shown sailing around Long Point Light which is situated in the middle of Massachusetts. This setting is quite close to what used to be Hopper’s summer home. Even though Hopper was known to be a realist or a figurative painte...

Edward Hopper - Night WindowsNight WindowsEdward Hopper

The majority of Hopper’s nocturnes depict New York City. In Night Windows he created a view through a window into a neighboring apartment, which suggests a scene on an illuminated stage watched by an audience in a darkened theater. The woman in her pink chemise stoops in a rather inelegant pose, una...