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The 1000++ Artworks of media Oil and containing the word paolo uccello, oil, early renaissance, scenes

Edouard Manet - The Absinthe DrinkerThe Absinthe DrinkerEdouard Manet

'Le Buveur d'absinthe' 1858- 1859 Size: 180,5 x 105,6 cm Location: Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, Copenhague

Fra Angelico - Fiesole TriptychFiesole TriptychFra Angelico

Fiesole Triptych (also known as, San Domenico Altarpiece) is a (Tempera and gold on panel) painting by the an Early Italian Renaissance painter Fra Angelico. It is painted in 1423-24. The San Domenico Altarpiece at Fiesole represents the Virgin and Child with Sts Thomas Aquinas, Barnabus, Dominic an...

Fra Angelico - EntombmentEntombmentFra Angelico

Lamentation over Christ (1440-42) is a Fresco by the an Early Italian Renaissance painter Fra Angelico. This is the fresco on the wall of Cell 2 of the Convento di San Marco in Florence. It is one of the first frescoes in the convent. The Fresco (184 x 152 cm) is now in the Convento di San Marco, Fl...

Thomas Cole - View of Florence from San MiniatoView of Florence from San MiniatoThomas Cole

View of Florence from San Miniato is an oil on canvas painting by American artist Thomas Cole. It was completed in 1837 and is currently housed at Cleveland Museum of Art

Cleveland Museum of Art (United States)
Fra Angelico - The DepositionThe DepositionFra Angelico

The Deposition from the Cross is a painting of the Deposition of Christ by the Italian Renaissance master Fra Angelico, executed between 1432 and 1434. It is now housed in the National Museum of San Marco, Florence. Giorgio Vasari defined it to have been “painted by a saint or an angel”. Angelico in...

Fra Angelico - San Marco AltarpieceSan Marco AltarpieceFra Angelico

The San Marco Altarpiece (also known as Madonna and Saints) is a painting by the Italian early Renaissance painter Fra Angelico, housed in the San Marco Museum of Florence, Italy. It was commissioned by Cosimo de' Medici the Elder, and was completed sometime between 1438 and 1443. In addition to the...

Fra Angelico - Armadio degli ArgentiArmadio degli ArgentiFra Angelico

Armadio degli Argenti (Scenes from the Life of Christ) is a (Tempera on panel) painting by the an Early Italian Renaissance painter Fra Angelico. It is painted in 1451-52. The scenes on this panel: Mystic Wheel Annunciation Nativity Circumcision Adoration of the Magi Presentation at the Temple Flig...