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''How to buy the perfect Art reproduction''

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"How to buy the perfect Art reproduction"
  Don’t have millions in the bank and want to buy authentic artwork? Reproduction art is your best bet. If you are a modern art lover who admires the great masters of the 19th and 20th centuries, you also must be aware of the sky-high prices that they demand. Do not be disappointed.

Today you can fulfill your aspirations with near-original artwork prepared with high definition technology or painstakingly hand-painted using layers of colors to achieve the original effect. Needless to say, hand-painted reproductions are priced higher than other available reproductive artwork, simply because of the tedious process of painting. The time needed for reproducing artwork may differ according to the complexity of processes and the technology required, mostly, hand-painted reproduction remains to be the best alternative to buying the original.

The other options available are art prints, lithographs, and Giclees. Both these are reasonably cheap and mass-produced options for the classics but suffer as regards their granularity, spread of color, etc. While they may look fine from a distance, at a close view lithographs break down into four colors and are no justice to the masterpiece. Giclees are more popular for their image fidelity as the technology used allows colors to hold their own and charmingly reproduce the original

All said and done, hand-painted reproductions are the labor of love and the passion of the artist who copies the original is reflected in every stroke. Reproductions should be bought from reliable sources, companies of repute with a website and contacts in place. It should be taken into account whether the company complies with the rules and regulations of reproduction buying. For example, you can buy reproductive art of artists dead 70 years before 1940 only. According to this mandate, it would be illegal to own a Picasso reproduction because the artist died in 1973. In such cases, you’ll have to go for the original.

Apart from these, there are some clear cut don’ts that the buyer should keep in mind while buying a reproduction:


Mistake #1 Buying art based on artist reproduction alone

It would be wrong to assume all paintings by your favorite artist will be of the same stellar quality. There will be the not-so-good lot which may not be your money’s worth. Therefore, always preview the artwork before you decide to buy to avoid disappointment.

Mistake #2: Buying reproduction art without seeing the full image

Always be sure to see the full image on the website before deciding to buy. If possible, ask for a photograph of the intended painting to judge the quality and then commit to the purchase.

Mistake #3: Buying a reproduction painting just because it’s famous

Don’t buy a painting just because everybody else is. If you are buying the reproduction artwork to decorate your home, you may scour the less famous options which may be more affordable. At the end of the day, it’s only your opinion that matters.

Mistake #5: Choosing the cheapest shipping when buying reproduction art

So you’ve bought your coveted art but it arrives, shattered. It‘s your fault. Never compromise on the quality of shipping for the art you buy. The care of handling framed artwork is an important factor in deciding whether the work reaches you safe and unharmed.

It is imperative to choose the right plot image. The big picture on the wall will be the central focal element of the room and will set the overall mood of the interior

So go on, make that masterpiece yours, today!



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